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THURS 23rd SEPT 2021

10.30am: Back to Live & Loud (in association with Help Musicians UK)

As the live club culture returns, the charity Help Musicians UK hosts a discussion exploring attitudes to hearing heath in electronic music, why it matters, and how to protect yourself with high-fidelity hearing protection.

Tinnitus, Music Induced Hearing Loss, Mental Health and the stone-cold facts will be discussed with a panel of DJs and industry experts.

If you love music and value your hearing this session is for you!

In partnership with ACS Custom and T-Minus.

Moderator: Aidan Culley (HMUK, Musicians’ Hearing Health Scheme)

Andy Shiach (CEO ACS Custom)

LilRockit (DJ)

DJ Phantasy (DJ)

Rupert Brown (T-Minus. The No:1 Tinnitus Wellness Application)

11.30am: Music vs The Mind: Looking after your mental health and finding long-term joy in music (in association with BIMM)

Creative professionals often pay the ultimate price of sharing their art with us.

Underneath the glow of success can often lie loneliness and exhaustion, not to mention the basic struggles of paying the rent or buying food. In this panel, we explore the psychological implications of music and the creative gig economy, and how factors such as financial instability, the feedback economy, hedonistic culture/lifestyle, addiction, and personal relationships are greatly affecting creative professionals and students alike.

We’ll hear from a varied group of panellists as they share their experiences and offer ideas on how to nurture healthy, lifelong, and sustainable engagement in music, the creative fields, and the gig economy.

Moderator: .James Kendall (BIMM Brighton Course Leader for Music, Marketing, Media & Communications)

Martin Wright (BIMM Brighton College Principal)

Brandon Block (DJ & Founder/Director at Happy Days for Everyone)

Caitlin O Connor (BIMM Brighton Senior Student Services Officer)

Jess Bays (DJ / Defected)


12.30pm: Celebrating, Championing and Honouring Women in Dance Music (in association with Lady of the House)

Following the success of the first ‘Lady of the House’ panel powered by Ministry of Sound & Lakota. The Lady of the House panel at BMC aims to stimulate conversation about women and those who identify as women having the support and recognition they deserve in the electronic music industry.

Women from Lady of the House book share their thoughts and experiences come from a variety of areas in the Dance music industry.

Moderator: Laila McKenzie (Lady of the House)

Rowetta (Happy Mondays / Vocalist)

Nicky Trax (Warriors Dance)

Lynn Cosgrave (Safehouse Management) 

Kathy Brown (Vocalist)


1.30pm: Carl Cox Keynote Q&A 2021

Carl Cox & Alon Shulman

In conversation


2.30pm: Dance Music in 2021, how we have evolved in the last 18 months and what does the future hold for signing and making records (in association with Ultra Music)

Electronic music in the last 18 months has faced its challenges – lockdowns, no clubs, no festivals, relying only on airplay and streaming to break through.

In the studio it was very productive for many and Zoom showed us a new way of making music.

How will the records we sign and make and listen to moving into 2022 change?

Moderator: Tracey Fox (Ultra Music)

Callum Ross (A & R, Island Records)

Chris Roohan (Manager, DJ SKT, CRVVCKS, Higgo)

Peter Meeuwsen (A & R, Musical Freedom)

Paul Arnold (A & R Ultra Records & Publishing)


3.30pm: AFEM Presents: Music Connects Us – Discussing the Electronic Music Mental Health Report DJ / DefectedTBA

Beatport has been a driving force of bringing visibility to Mental Health over the past year and a half, putting out articles on Beatportal and curating a 24 hour stream. Music Connects Us is an Electronic Music and Mental Health report designed to break barriers, end stigmas, amplify awareness, and provide support through the power of creative collaboration.

A purpose-driven project brought to fruition by Arigami, in partnership with Beatport, Silentmode, and Association for Electronic Music (AFEM); the Music Connects Us report, inspired by Beatport’s ReConnect festival, showcases the power of functional music in the battle against mental illness.

A panel of expert minds on mental health will walk you through the latest report on mental health in dance music.

Moderator: Tristan Hunt (Regional Manager, AFEM)

Belinda Matwali (Listen Up Therapy)

Nicholas Collins (Plugin Boutique)

Tom Middleton (AFEM Health Co Chair)

James Holdsworth (MHFA Instructor)

FRIDAY 24th SEPT 2021

10.30am: WaterBear, The College of Music sessions

Invite only


11.30am: Overcoming barriers to entry in the music industry (in association with

There has been a lot of talk within the industry about the need for more diversity and intersectionality and to give more opportunities to people for different backgrounds and communities as well as helping the next generation with their first steps on the career ladder.

In this panel Brighton bring together a host of industry professionals to discuss what is working and what still needs to be done with advice and tips from those who have broken down the barriers to build their own careers and those who are actively helping and supporting others.

Moderator: Nikki McNeill (Global Publicity)

Jasmine Kent-Smith (Crack / RA)

Tom Hines (Audio Active)

Silvia Montello (#remarQabl)

Just Her (DJ/Producer)


12.30pm: 25 Years of Hospital Records

As Hospital Records celebrate 25 years in the business Mark Lawrence talks to label boss Chris Goss alongside some of the labels key players to find out what their secret of success is and what the future holds.

Moderator: Mark Lawrence (Sentric Electronic)

Chris Goss (Co-Founder/MD)

Lou Ellis (Promotions Manager)

Gemma Hart (Digital Manager)

Ali Al-Ebrahim (Events Manager)


1.30pm: Roger Sanchez interview & Q&A (in association with DJ Mag

Legendary DJ Roger Sanchez sits down for a one on one keynote chat with DJ Mag editor Carl Loben.


2.30pm: Build Your Army: What should a modern music label be doing and with who… (in association with Fuga)

Moderator: Liz Northeast (Fuga)

Chris Goss (Hospital Records)

Rhys Baker (Tru Thoughts)

Pat Carr (Remote Control) 


3.30pm: Listen Up Therapy: The Power Of Therapy & Meditation In Reaching Your Full Potential

Mental and spiritual wellness are no longer seen as woo woo or luxury, but more as a necessity to feel grounded, creative and reach our full potential.

Struggles with anxiety, imposter syndrome, relationship issues or addiction often stem from having a disfigured relationship with our true self which happens for a number of different reasons in our childhood.

Join Listen Up Therapy founders Matthew Benjamin and Belinda Matwali as they speak on how integrating meditation and therapy can have profound results in moving through blocks and limitations. They work with many creatives from DJ’s and producers to record labels and tour teams. 

Moderator: Carl Loben (DJ Mag)

Matthew Benjamin aka Bushwacka!

Belinda Matwali


4.30pm: The digital toolkit for the music industry

We would like to invite any touring DJ’s, managers, agents, event organisers and venue operators to join us over a few complimentary drinks to get your thoughts, ideas and input on what tools you need to help you be more efficient within the industry.

Host: Gavin Barnard (Amplead)











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