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13.00: So you want to be a DJ?

An insight into the best practices for artist development and representation, a master class of the do’s and don’ts in order to succeed.

Moderator – Phil Dockerty (Pete Gooding Management)

Pete Gooding (Pete Gooding Management)

Grahame Farmer (Data Transmission)


Anna Wall (DJ)


14.00: Live looping Performance and talk from Bunty and Interactive Sonic Playground VR Demo 

Kassia Zermon – Bunty is a unique force best known for her improvisations, pioneering underground experimental vocal loop shows and fronting leading UK dub act Resonators. Bunty’s distinctive voice has been championed by BBC 6 tastemakers Tom Robinson and Lauren Laverne. Her latest interactive album project Multimos was funded by PRS, ACE and Beatabet label.

Bunty is creating new music and audience experiences in a sonic playground called Zook. The Zookesphere is powered by the astro- funk and geometric imagery created by Johann Mohammed aka Jomotopia working with George Butler and Andy Baker from Mutiny Media and Anna Bertmark from Atticsound.

They will share their work in progress and talk about their new journey into VR with their team based at the FuseBox Brighton.
Improviser, musician and multidimensional artist Bunty will do an interactive performance and talk about her new work in VR.


15.00: Beatport Annual report, Invite only

Beatport present their Annual Report


16.00: Beatport – Access All Areas

Ever wanted to ask Beatport a question about your music or label? Join them at Brighton Music Conference where they will be opening their doors to music industry enthusiasts of all levels. You can get valuable industry insight from the premiere dance music download store for DJs and get your questions answered by the Beatport team


17.00: Loopmasters presents Loopcloud 2.0

How do you make the world’s best sample browser even better? 

Loopcloud is already the leading source of sample-based inspiration for producers everywhere, but what if you could audition from a library containing millions of samples, in key and in time with your track, from the cloud, inside your DAW?

With Loopcloud 2.0, we’ve made it possible, and best of all, it’s totally free!

Loopcloud 2.0 gives every producer access to 15 years’ worth of Loopmasters’ premium sample content in one place. In a revolutionary overhaul, we’ve brought this and other new features to Loopcloud 2.0 to make it quicker and easier than ever to browse, manage and audition samples without ever leaving your DAW, so you can spend time on what matters most: making music.

Presented by Olly Burke (Loopmasters Product Manager)



11.30: Universal Sound and the Power of Frequency, Vibration and Resonance

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” – Nikola Tesla

In 2018 more and more people are using music and sound to complement their personal development practices, and with good reason. Science is now proving that sound resonance and frequency has an effect on physical matter, including the human mind, body and emotions. We will discuss this development and how it is being incorporated into events, therapy, music production and consumption.

Host – Olivia Emes
Olivia is a film director specialising in music documentary. She has spent the last ten years directing and shooting artists all over the world for MTV, Vice and Apple Music, including Pharell Williams, Liam Gallagher, and Plan B. Her latest project “Pasiones y Rituales”, set between Cuba and Brighton, explores the idea of music as a transformational tool.

Panel Guests:
Felix Buxton (Basement Jaxx)
Felix needs no introduction as one half of one of the UK’s most successful dance music duo’s Basement Jaxx

Peter Bryant (Catalyst Therapy)
Peter Bryant is the director of Catalyst Therapy. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Music from the University of Surrey in addition to a Master’s in Psychology from the University of London. In 2015, Peter was honoured to receive the J.P. Nobel award for research in music and hypnosis

Tracie Storey (Elemental Resonance)
Tracie also known as 10 Sui is a Music Producer and former worldwide DJ. Her music career has expanded into working with music in a different capacity as a Tama Do vibrational sound practitioner, she runs workshops and classes all over the world in Canada, Bali, France, Switzerland & the UK.

Sarah Willmot (Film Maker)
Sarah is a film maker who has just premiered her new film The Healing Power of Sound in Brighton. Sarah has worked with Sir David Attenborough & Julian Lloyd Weber among others

Seb Sapi3n is a music producer and founder member of Holistic Audio (, producers of sound healing products and sensory rooms. Sapi3n’s productions are being used by Headspace, the world’s most popular Meditation App, in their Restoration Pods

Tony Andrews (Founder, Funktion-One)

**There will also be Tama-Do Sound Harmonisation event on Friday evening, click here for more info. All welcome!


12.30: Pioneer DJ Workshop: Dave Smith Toraiz SP-16 & AS1

In this session our demonstrator Sam Shepherd will be showing how the Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 can be used to construct a track on the fly incorporating the units sequencer and sampler capabilities with no need for a computer. He will cover all aspects of the Toraiz SP-16’s capabilities from browsing its internal sample library to applying sound effects including the legendary synth legend Dave Smiths filters. Sam will also cover the Pioneer DJ AS1 monosynth, also produced in conjunction with Dave Smith, and how you can create some twisted squelchy basslines and patterns. To end the session Sam will show how these 2 powerful products can work together to deliver an amazing performance.


13.30: Pioneer DJ Workshop: DJS-1000

Sam Shepherd is back to demonstrate how Pioneer DJ’s new DJS-1000 live sampler can bring real-time track production to the DJ booth. He will show how you can sync the DJS-1000’s sequencer and performance pads to the rekordbox content being played through the CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 as well as sampling the music being played in the CDJ’s and DJM for on the fly re-edits. He will also show how the form factor of the DJS-1000 is familiar territory for DJ’s sharing the same layout as the CDJ-2000NXS2 but with pads instead of jogwheel, giving them the confidence to step into the world of music production and performance.


14.30: Ableton workshop: Rachel K Collier, From the Studio to the Stage using Ableton Live 10

Rachel K Collier will demonstrate her approach to taking a full song production to stage. Using her song Paper Tiger as an example, she’ll show her own techniques for breaking down song parts into clips and scenes for performance. Collier will cover the process from the beginning and provide tips and tricks for balancing the fun of impromptu performance with recreating the structure and elements of a song.


15.30: Ableton Workshop: Ableton Live 10 and Push – Capture, Create and Manipulate

Ableton Certified Trainer Simon Lyon takes you through some of the new features of Live 10 whilst exploring many ways to create ideas and harness the creative power of Live and Push. Whether you are new to music production or seasoned musician/DJ/Producer, Live gives you many options for starting either the initial workings of your music or performing and manipulating beats, grooves and textures for your shows.










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