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11.00: DJ Mag presents Times up for sexual harassment

Following the Harvey Weinstein revelations and the #MeToo campaign, stories have begun to emerge from the electronic music industry about sexual harassment and misconduct. This panel will examine the issues involved, what the business impact and repercussions are and look at ways to prevent abuse like this happening again in the future.

Moderator: Carl Loben

Mark Lawrence (CEO – AFEM)

Shino Allen (MD Tsumi Artist Management)

Carly Wilford (Sister Collective, DJ / Presenter & Creator)


11:55: SoundCloud Presents #SCFirst – Experiences, Tools & Tips for Building Your Career as an Independent Artist.

Presentation by Julia Killer (Director of label relations) & Joe Armenia (Director of artist relations)

Conversation with DNMO (Artist)


12:50: Diversity Is a Reality, Inclusivity Is The Goal (in association with PRS for Music)

From the Wireless festival line up to the Grammy nominations, the rate of change in respect of diversity is off pace, not just within dance music but across the industry. This panel asks what it means to be a diverse business in 2018, discussing practical inclusion strategies and looking at some of the initiatives that exist today.

MODERATOR: Fiona McGugan (Music Managers Forum)

Amanda Maxwell (SheSaid.So / Boiler Room)

Steven Braines (The Weird & The Wonderful / He.She.They Founder)

Natalie Wade (Small Green Shoots)

Claire Rose (PRS for Music)


13:45: Is the underground underground anymore?

Has the mainstream success of dance music artists resulted in dance music becoming a corporate product? Have artist’s demands, such as 5 star hotels and limousine pick-ups made dance music resemble pop artists? Do ever inflated fees have a knock on effect for festival and club shows having to charge high ticket prices and therefore alienating access to music on financial grounds? What’s the future of the underground…

Moderator – Sammy Verghese (The Arch Club)

Judy Griffith (Fabric)

Firas Waez & Serge Santiago (Producers, Waze & Odyssey)

Jack Bridges (Beatport)


14:40: AFEM Presents – Mental Health & Music In The Mix

As new studies shine fresh light on the prevalence of mental health issues in our industry, it’s clear that the need to care for yourself and those around you has never been so vital. AFEM brings together a range of professionals to hear their experiences, share advice and see how wellbeing and success can both be achieved in our 24/7 industry.

Moderator – Tristan Hunt (AFEM Exec Board)

Kezia Racher (HMUK)

Mike Hollingbery (Owner, Bozboz)

Dan Tait (Pioneer DJ / DJsounds)

Coco Cole (DJ & Broadcaster)


15:35: A Journey in Sound with Tony and Ann Andrews from Funktion-One

An in-depth interview with a couple who have committed their lives to each other and to the pursuit of audio excellence, founding and growing loudspeaker manufacturer Funktion-One in the process. A unique opportunity to hear from the true pioneers of professional audio.


16:30: LNADJ Presents Social and Corporate responsibility in the dance music industry

The dance music industry has traditionally not been known for its focus on social responsibility yet through the example of a small number of trailblazers we are now seeing a positive change in attitude. Why is this happening now and what can be done to expand on their work.

Moderator – Ellie Talebian (Juice Radio)

Eats Everything (DJ/Producer)

Jim McNulty (LNADJ)

Nico De Transilvania (DJ/Producer)

Ann Andrews (Funktion-One)


17:20: AIF presents How best to get your artist on the stage

Moderator – Jim Mawdsley

Ami Lord (General Manager & Laundry Meadows Stage Booker Standon Calling)

Emma Zillman (Programme Director, From the Fields Festival)

Kaptin Barrett (Head Music Booker, Boomtown Festival)

FRIDAY 27th APRIL 2018

11.00: Brands in Music

A selection of huge brands work alongside record labels and artists, find out what they look for, how do they allocate budget and what the end game is for them?

Moderator – Normski (DJ / TV Presenter / Photographer)

James Sutcliffe (Director of Music for Monster)

Jack Thomas (Global A&R Manager, Focusrite / Novation)

Andy Varley (CEO, Insanity)

Sandira Blas (Partnership / Brand Culture Marketing Denon DJ & Akai Pro)


11:45: Creative Law presents – How not to get into hot water when re-making music

For this year’s legal panel will be dissecting two topical subjects. (a) Re-records. Many producer/artists seem to be re-recording their old hits (sometimes in conjunction with a publisher), so they then can exploit themselves. How do you avoid breaching the terms of the original record contract? In which ways might a re-record infringe the copyright or performers’ rights in the original recording, particularly if it’s a near identical recreation. (b) Covers There been a recent trend towards crossover success for dance producers covering or interpreting existing compositions. What legal right does an artist have to make and release a cover version?  What constitutes a “faithful” cover version and what doesn’t? What rights do publishers have to insist that a new composition is a cover when it’s not?

Moderator – Dean Marsh (MD, Creative Law & Business)

Andrew Sharland (Leading Partner Clintons)

Peter Oxendale (Forensic Musicologist Peter Oxendale Musical Services)

Alison Hook (Head of Sampling & Copyright Infringement Sony/ATV Publishing)

Jules O’Riordan (AKA Judge Jules Global DJ / Lawyer at Sound Advice)

Saranne Reid (General Manager Crown Management. MD Sample Clearance Services)


12:30: BPI Presents Sync Licensing For Electronic Music

The panel discuss Electronic Music in Sync – what supervisors are looking for from Labels and Artists when deciding what music to use in their projects. How can you get your music to be considered for sync and how to pitch to them. The panelists will talk you through several recent projects and discuss from both a label and supervisor perspective how they finally came up with matching the particular piece of music with the brief.

Moderator – Vanessa Higgins (Regent Street records / BPI Council Member)

Gary Welch (EyeHear)

Rachel Menzies (Native Music)

Megan Bean (Hospital Records)


13:15: Streaming, Best practises and how to make it work for you

The panel will explore the tools and best practices for some of the world’s leading streaming services. How best to use these tools and how best to maximize your presence and reach your fans.

Moderator – Marianne Frederick (Blue Raincoat Music)

Malena Wolfer (Senior Marketing and International Manager, Believe)

Achille Nanopoulos (Artist Marketing Manager, Independents / Deezer)

Dominic Kerley (Label Worx)

Gemma Hart (Hospital Records)


14:10: DJ Mag presents an interview with Irvine Welsh

The renowned Trainspotting author talks exclusively to DJ Mag editor Carl Loben about the thread of electronic music that runs through much of his work, and his new book Dead Men’s Trousers in which Renton becomes a DJ manager. Features of all the much-loved Trainspotting characters.


14:55: SharpStream presents Monetize your content in ways you haven’t heard of…

Audio content is exploding worldwide on more platforms than ever before. How can audio content creators get the best return on their investment? This panel explores the options available to audio content creators, focusing on the approaches to implementing monetisation strategies for different  audience scales in order to achieve the best results

Moderator: Dane Streeter(Managing Director – SharpStream)

Katie Sedler (Head of DAX Partnerships – This is Global)

Nick Pitts (Commercial Director – Jazz FM)

Sophie Herdman (Content Manager UK, ACast)


15:50: Trial by social media: dealing with a PR disaster

Following a string of widely-publicised controversies in dance music, we ask: are we right to call out offensive behaviour online? Who do social media scandals benefit? And how are careers controlled by social media audiences?

Moderator Lee Smith (Leak Delete)

Anna Wall (PR, /DJ Mag)

George Hull (Bloc)

Angie Towse (The Rest is Noise)

Dean Muhsin (Bear Management / Dispersion PR)










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