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11am: Skiddle presents: Supporting promoters 

Skiddle’s recent survey into promoters’ mental health and well-being showed staggering results. They’ll discuss the stresses facing promoters, how to support others in the industry, and how to make the most of being a promoter.

Moderator: Becca Frankland (Skiddle)

John Rosstron (Association of independent promoters)

Sarah Cole (AEI Group)

Connor Heanue (Hideout, Brighton)

Chris Madden (Wellbeing Officer at Production Park/Backstage Academy, Registered Counselling Psychotherapist and Mental Health First Aider)


12pm: Ultra Records Presents – A&R in Electronic Music Today

Where it’s been, Where we are, Where its going? 

Electronic music has never been more exciting and discovering it has never been easier (or harder), weather its still in the heart of underground clubs, big festivals, Spotify, Beatport, or Youtube, we sit in an interesting place as to where the past and present will lead us. What are we signing and what do we think will be the new sounds to round out 2019 and beyond?

Moderator: Tracey Fox – (Ultra Music)

Paul Arnold – (Ultra Music)

Anton Powers (A&R Director, 3 Beat Productions / DJ / Producer)

Phil Sagar (A&R, Armada Music)

Anton Partridge (Founder, Good Company Records)

Preye Crooks (A&R Manager, Columbia Records, Founder of Strawberries & Cream Festival)

1pm: ‘The DJ residency’ – a discussion on the various forms of residencies and their place in music culture, hosted by Patterns.

‘The DJ residency’, a once simple term routed in the foundations of electronic music. The phrase ‘residency’ has gone on to evolve into a marketable tool, a defining platform for the success of artists’ careers, a word now integral to radio culture and a concept that is still developing, but at its heart it still remains the beating drum of music venues around the world. This panel will discuss how the term has evolved over the years and explore how it exists in the current climate of electronic music culture.

Moderator: Neil Ellis (Patterns Programming & Promotions Manager)

Charles Green (Patterns Resident & Agent at Elite Music Management)

Jess Farley (DJ, Music Marketing Consultant & Founder of Rhythm Sister)

Andy Lemay (Music Consultant & Audio Culture Director at Heard)

Josef Mehtola (Patterns Resident & Manager at Middle Floor Records):


13.50pm: Help Musicians UK 3 minute film

A short film highlighting the lifetime of support offered by independent music charity Help Musicians UK. Featuring industry heads, beneficiaries and supporters, hear how the organisation empowers musicians at all stages of their lives with a unique mix of creative development and Health and Welfare assistance.

2pm: DJ Q&A

In this Q&A, we will explore the journey these four artists have taken to become professional, regularly touring DJs. Covering their musical backgrounds, influences, and key moments in their careers.

We will explore whether online communities are a substitute for record shops, when it comes to DJ culture; whether the panel believes modern DJ technology is essential for performance; and some of the highs and lows of their musical journey. 

Moderator: Stuart Knight (Toolroom)

Clara Da Costa


DJ Storm

Danny Rampling 


3pm: Sharp Stream presents – Capitalising on Change: hear your content – everywhere

Stirring up interest in a radio show or podcast can be a daunting task even for the most seasoned professional. Audio content is now more accessible than ever before, covering almost every conceivable niche market and available from every corner of the world.
Integral to this expansion is machine learning and the ever-changing digital audio

This panel discusses how audio content producers and publishers can better equip
themselves with a comprehensive and inclusive toolset to inspire listener engagement across all platforms. Areas of focus include existing industry standards and practises,
understanding the capabilities and best practices of machine learning for digital audio, and how to get the most out of both of these to increase audience engagement across the 
connected platforms of today and tomorrow.

Moderator: Dane Streeter (Sharp Stream)

Nina Condron (Horus Music)

James Chang (Audio Producer, DJ & Presenter – Changing Faces)

Mark McCulloch (Creator, The Spectacular Marketing Podcast).

4pm: Copyright & Sampling In Dance Music

Best practises, sharing of experiences. Help & advice for delegates

Moderator: Ridney (Producer – Armada, Toolroom, Defected, Spinnin, MoS)

Richard Earnshaw (Soulfuric, Duffnote, one half of Spiritchaser)

Saranne Reid (Sample Clearance)

Sarah Favouritzm (Artist / Producer / Owner of Favouritzm)

Kevin McKay (Glasgow Underground)


11am: The Universal Power of Sound

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Following on from last years packed discussion on how music can affect the world around us we are once bringing together forward thinking producers, sound designers and vibrational therapists to answer some of the questions around how frequency, sound and vibration can positively influence areas of our lives, personal evolution and the development ofhuman consciousness.
A panel discussion will present views, facts and evidence on the power of sound as an energetic frequency in our world and throughout the universe. There are many strands of physics that are looking into the effects that different frequencies have on matter and how we can utilise this knowledge for the benefit of humanity.
During the discussion we will bring together thought leaders and experts who have used science, technology and ancient techniques to prove the effects of sound on the world around us and musicians who use different patterns of rhythm and frequency to effect peoples mind, body and emotions.
Goals of the discussion are:
• Debate the science around cymatics and how frequency and vibration effect the physical world
• Discuss the effects on the human mind, body and emotions the different frequency ranges
• Debate the positive and negative stigma attached to music that does not fit into an entertainment category
• Discuss the technology available to assist people’s experience of music in new formats that could benefit their well-being (sensory rooms, audio visual, VR etc)
• Audience Q&A
After the presentation there will be an opportunity to demo sound healing products such as the Vibrasonic Bed from Holistic Audio (

Moderator: Tracie Storey / 10 Sui

Seb Wild (Holistic Audio)

Tom Middleton

Tony Andrews (Funktion One)

Elizabeth Plokker (The Conscious Club)


12pm: DJ Growth Lab presents: Meet The Mentors 

Meet the team of industry experts from DJ Growth Lab that are offering their knowledge and experience to the next generation of professional artists, through online mentorship

Moderator: Danny Savage (Founder, DJ Growth Lab)

Saytek (DJ & Producer)

Claire Horseman (Business Coach & Mentor)

Brandon Block (DJ / Founder, Happy Days)

Fleur Woolford (Founder, Soul Heaven)

1pm: Producer Q&A

If you’re serious about making music and you’d like to improve as a producer and pursue your passion then why not give your career a push in the right direction. The Producer Panel is a must for you during BMC.

Moderator: Seamus Haji (Big Love)

Steve Mac / These Machines (DJ / Producer)

DJ RAE  (DJ / Producer / Singer – Rated records)

Scott Diaz (DJ / Producer)

Just Her (DJ / Producer, Constant Circles)

Richard Earnshaw (DJ / Producer)


2pm: Help Musicians UK presents: Innovation and the industry – what might a career in electronic music look like in the future?

Join us for an interactive session to envision and forecast the future of the electronic music industry, to help us predict and identify the possible needs of creators for funders and educators.

Moderator: Julia Hayes (Head of the creative programme, Help Musicians UK)

Tristan Hunt (Regional Manager, AFEM)

Ben Bishop, (Events producer at The Yard / Music Researcher at Goldsmiths)

Cassandra Gurling (Musical Inclusion Practitioner & Manager,Drake Music)


3pm: Keynote with David Morales

Interview by Frank McWeeny (DJ Mag) 


4pm: Label Q&A – Defected Records

‘Defected Records’ Managing Director, Wez Saunders, leads a panel of staff & DJ’s talking through a history of Defected, the evolution of Glitterbox, how Classic Music Company continues to make waves and what’s in store in it’s 20th year.’

Moderator: Melvo Baptise (Glitterbox)

Wez Saunders (CEO / MD)

Scarlett Pares Landells (PR & Promotions, Manager)

Adrienne Bookbinder (Publishing)

Jess Bays (DJ / Colluded Talent)


5pm: Talent or Tickets: A Promoter’s Pressure

Our responsibility as promoters of music events toward maintaining as an importance, the quality and diversity of our local & national music culture, in the face of ever changing international landscapes, and the issues/barriers we are facing in our efforts to do so. At the same time are we perhaps finding ourselves at some levels being squeezed out by the very market we’re trying to support. Is it even possible to maintain, and just who’s responsibility is it?

Moderator: Damien Fell (The Arch / Boxed / Wonderland)

Alice Woods (Meat Free / Under One Roof)

Andy Bell (Viva Warriors / Portal)

Luke McGrovern (Made Festival / Weird Science)

Rosy Morris – Find Me In the Dark / Lobster Theremin










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