(Access: Professional pass holders only)


11am: PRS Getting Paid When DJs Play Your Music (in association with PRS for Music)

An experienced panel will discuss how music creators get paid when their music is played in clubs and at festivals. This will cover the methodologies used for paying royalties, practical advice about submitting setlists and the progress being made through the adoption of music recognition technology to identify music.

Moderator: Ashley Howard (PRS For Music)

Marianne Galloway (Sentric Music)

Yuri Dokter (DJ Monitor)

Lucy Urmston (Live Concerts Coordinator – PRS for Music)

Greg Marshall (AFEM)

12pm: Last Night A DJ Saved My Life presents: Electronic Music Making A Difference & the launch of their new initiative, Get Equipped

Electronic music is becoming more socially responsible. LNADJ has gathered some industry leading figures & organisations to discuss what they’re doing, the motivation behind it & how you can get involved. LNADJ will also be launching their Get Equipped campaign.

Moderator: Ellie Talebian (WDMC, Eclectic Toolbox)

Jonny Lee (Founder, LNADJ)

Kai Cant (Founder, Abode Records)

Miri (Key Changes / Singer-Songwriter, Live Music Promoter)

Guy Lloyd (Radio DJ, BBC Sussex)


1pm: AFEM Presents: The Touring DJ – What You Need To Know Before You Go On Tour

The life of a touring DJ is often perceived as a glamorous one, however the reality is not always as it seems. AFEM’s panel of experts will discuss the complexities around visa applications, scheduling, logistics and understanding the importance of a healthy work-life balance whilst away from home.

Moderator: Pete Gooding (Pete Gooding Management)

Sarah Mhamdi (Grade Management)

Tamsin Embleton – (Embleton Psychotherapy / Music Industry Therapist Collective)

Jen Hammel (CAA)

Claire Spooner (Just Her)


2pm: DJ Mag & WDMC presents The Big Debate – Is Greed Killing The Dancefloor?

The electronic music world is big business. On the face of it the industry is thriving, estimated to be worth upwards of $7Billon a year, with many of the top earning artists taking home millions per annum!

But does this truly reflect the health of clubland’s dancefloors?

Some underground venues across the country are in decline, the top DJs are often charging astronomical fees that only festivals can justify, leaving little chance for local promoters to compete or take the risks involved in putting on a night, corporate clubbing has seen VIP culture explode with drink prices soaring – ultimately, the door fees rise and the clubbers pay the price.

In this session we ask “How does this effect the dancefloors of clubland? Are we looking after our local clubs and our grass roots DJs? Isn’t rampant commercialism and elitism against everything rave culture stands for?” Join us to discuss these issues in the BIG DEBATE

Moderator: Carl Loben (Editor, DJ Mag)

Andy Blackett (Fabric)

Norman Jay MBE

Sacha Wall (Data Transmission Radio)

Neil Evans (Electric Ibiza)

Luke Passmore (NGE Booking)

Damien Fell – (The Arch / Boxed / Wonderland)


3pm: Electronic Music, a way of life

A conversation with some of the legends of Electronic Music culture for whom the industry has been far from just a job. From the birth of Acid House right through to the here and now, find out more about what made them take the plunge into music and how and why they are still doing it today.

Moderator: Shino Parker (Tsumi / AFEM)

Renaat Vandepapeliere (R&S Records)

Irvine Welsh

Chris Abbot

DJ Paulette


4pm: Music Marketing

What channels, strategies and tactics are working for marketers in 2019 and beyond

Moderator: Keir Tyrer (MD Shogun Audio Group & NxtGen Management)

Neal Lewis (The Drop Digital)

Farhana Aboo (Head Of Marketing, AEI Group)

Myradh Comican (Handmade Media – Marketing & Digital for: BLOND:ISH / Eats Everything / Patrice Bäumel / Sasha)

Ted May (Managing Director, eOne Music UK)

FRIDAY 26th APRIL 2019

11am: AFEM Presents: Tech Horizon – The Technology Shaping the Future of Electronic Music

Algorithms, AI, streaming tech and big data are increasingly defining how our industry functions. AFEM brings together a wealth of experts to examine the opportunities and disruptive potential that such technology presents.

Moderator: Heiko Hoffmann (Beatport)

Ralph Boege (Paradise Distribution)

Bindu De Knock (CrossLink Legal)

Kevin Bacon (Revelator)

Martin Dockree (Pioneer DJ Europe)



12pm: BMC 2019 legal panel. All you need to know about working with featured Vocalists…

The dynamic between a producer and vocalist is complex. Industry experts will explain the legal, contractual and musicological issues surrounding this creative relationship.

– if the vocalist wrote, or co-wrote the lyrics and/or topline, what share of copyright ownership should they have in the new composition?
-to what extent can the singer re-use their lyrics on other tracks?
-in what circumstances should the vocalist be entitled to receive a credit and if so, should it be “featuring” “and” or “vs”?
-what share of PPL income should the vocalist typically receive?
-what fee and/or royalty should be expected?
-how should that royalty be calculated?
-what costs should be recoupable as against the vocalist?
– conflicts between royalty provisions (PPD vs Profit spits)
-who should be accounting to the vocalist, the artist or their label?

Moderator: Dean Marsh (Creative Law)

Jules O’Riordan aka Judge Jules Global DJ

Andrew Sharland (Leading Partner Clintons)

Peter Oxendale (Forensic Musicologist Peter Oxendale Musical Services)

Fay Barton (Songwriter and vocalist)

Shino Parker (Tsumi Management)


1pm: Help Musicians UK presents: Maintaining mental health in the electronic music industry

In a discussion around the lifestyle that can accompany a career in the industry, challenges and support systems, we’ll hear the story of DJ-turned-practitioner Brandon Block as part of a panel of industry professionals.

Moderator: Aidan Culley (Health & Welfare Support Officer, Help Musicians UK )

Brandon Block

Claire Cordeaux (British Association for Performing Arts Medicine /BAPAM)

Angelique Sabine (Head of Student Services , BIMM Brighton)

Andy Franks (Music Support Trustee)



1.50pm: Help Musicians UK 3 minute film


A short film highlighting the lifetime of support offered by independent music charity Help Musicians UK. Featuring industry heads, beneficiaries and supporters, hear how the organisation empowers musicians at all stages of their lives with a unique mix of creative development and Health and Welfare assistance.



2pm: DJ Mag presents – SERIOUS BUSINESS
How do we convince the authorities that our culture is a legitimate artform?

How do we convince the authorities that our culture is a legitimate artform?

Moderator: Ben Hindle

Chris Goss (Hospital Records)

Richard Zilma (Former head of Amsterdam Dance Event & Artistic Director Conservatory Haarlem)

Nick Hibberd (Executive Director of Economy, Environment and Culture, Brighton & Hove Council).



3pm: Save music – but try not to kill the internet. What the copyright directive really means for the music industry

The newly passed European Copyright Directive will increase the liabilities of user-upload platforms like YouTube. The music industry says this will address a “value gap” that is hindering the growth of the streaming music market. YouTube says it will have to restrict its operations and limit how grass-roots creators utilise its platform. But what is it really all about? And could other elements of the directive help artists and songwriters specifically get a better deal in the digital music age? CMU Insights provides a user-friendly and speedy guide to these major copyright reforms.


Moderator: Chris Cooke (CMU)

John Mottram (Head of Public Affairs, PRS for Music)

Lucie Caswell (CEO – Featured Artists Coalition)

James Tobias (Senior Associate, Entertainment and Media Industry Group, Reed Smith)


4pm: Horus Music presents How to make money outside of the UK

This Panel will discuss what opportunities there are for dance music artists globally and not just in the UK. We will cover different sides of the business from publishing, touring, label and distribution perspectives. Our panellists will provide you with real-life examples of some of the challenges and obstacles they’ve overcome when entering new markets and share their success stories with you. We will discuss which of the emerging markets people should be keeping their eyes on and best practise for doing business in the global dance music industry.

Moderator: Nina Condrun (Horus Music)

Deborah Smith (Anara Publishing)

Joanna Miles (FMLY Agency)

Daniel J Lee (NCS / No Copyright Sounds)



5pm: Production to Placement: Discussing the issues and opportunities faced by Electronic artists in the current sync landscape

For artists of all levels placements can produce sources of key income that enable them to further boost their career, thats why in today’s landscape it’s more important than ever to understand the sync licensing process.

Music supervisors, consultants and publishers will take to this panel to discuss the value of sync as an income stream to Electronic artists and how to approach and tackle the hurdles the current landscape presents.
The discussion will address issues such as samples, sound-a-likes, connotations and cultures which can be negatively associated with electronic music. It will open talk on the multiple steps of pitching and licensing process as well as highlighting the positive impact sync placements can deliver for artists of all levels.

Moderator: Patrick Cloherty (Sentric Music)

Rachel Menzies (Native Music)

Tammy Tinawi (Cavendish Music)

Martin Hewett (Music Supervisor)












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