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12.30pm: -CALC- 

‘Sound design 101 for the Electronic Musician’

Synth expert and Novation’s very own -CALC- demonstrates how to create classic patches from scratch centred around the Novation Peak. In an age where no genre is off limits, having a solid foundation of patch building experience is key to creating something unique and personal in your music.

With many years of dedication to his craft, Brighton based artist -CALC- is no stranger to creating on-the-fly patches with his ever-evolving hardware based live show. This masterclass in synthesis and sound design is not to be missed.



1.30pm: Alex Arnout

‘A Creative Mindset’ – A Modern exploration into Studio evolution and how to push your sound forward. 

As an artist and label A&R for Dogmatik & DMK, Alex has constantly developed his skill set as a DJ, producer and musician whilst being instrumental in developing the careers of others. His wealth of experience reaches all areas of the industry, from touring to session engineer, production and beyond.

This session will focus around a producer’s mindset, highlighting any potential obstacles that can occur in the studio and hinder creative flow, and more importantly how to embrace and navigate around them.



2.30pm: Sean Tyas

‘A Matter of Time’

Regenerate Records label boss Sean Tyas opens the door to his studio technique in this track deconstruction session. Having remixed for the likes of Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Dash Berlin and Gareth Emery as well as co-producing with Armin van Buuren, Simon Patterson and many more of the scene’s elite, Sean’s discography is a testament to his abilities in the studio where he is renowned for turning great tracks into monster hits.

In this unique session, Sean will focus on his trademark sound and how you too can achieve similar results to his PSY trance influenced basslines as featured in his hit single ‘Matter of Time’. In addition to this, Sean will explain his approach to sound design and how you can replicate similar results regardless of plugin limitations, combining this with both powerful melodies and ferocious acid lines.



3.30pm: Rebekah

‘Analogue Elements’ – Getting started with hardware

With so many choices available to people wanting to write music, it can be overwhelming to choose the right instruments for the job. Soma artist and Elements label owner Rebekah shares workflow ideas and a wealth of experience that has escalated her to the top of her game, receiving recognition as DJ Mag’s ‘Best Producer’ in their 2018 awards. 

Rebekah will highlight how knowing your gear is the most important part of the production process and intends to help de-mystify the confusion surrounding integration of hardware and software, and ultimately demonstrate how they can be used in harmony for dance floor destruction. The session will show pros and cons to certain work flows and how the writing experience can be enhanced when following certain production routes.

Expect to see a hand-selected modular setup feature at theheart of this seminar.


11.30am: South of the Stars

‘For the Record’

South of The Stars dissect the art of capturing classic vinyl and how you can bring the music up to date with edits and reworks for a digital set. Keeping sets fresh and unique is vital for standing out on today’s modern DJ circuit. The duo themselves are no strangers to editing or remixing classic tracks with recent success through their take on Perry O’Neil’s classic track ‘Wave Force’, as featured on Armin Van Buuren’s Armada / A State of Trance label.

The Duo will share techniques on how to capture and preserve your vinyl.



12.30pm: Alex Jann

‘Sequence. Modulate’

Censor Music’s Alex Jann will showcase the hardware processes he uses to produce his electro and techno sound in the studio and in his live performances. Pushing audio boundaries with his set up, he fuses various techniques to construct his stand-out sound.

Although every one of his sets is unique, what remains the same is at the core of his process. This session will show the benefit of working within this environment for both studio production or as a centre piece for your live setup.

By giving us this unique insight into his practices, the knowledge Alex shares can be harnessed and applied to your setup and projects no matter what hardware instruments you have in your collection.


1.30pm: Reset Robot

‘Self Existence – Track deconstruction’

UK based techno artist Reset Robot breaks down last year’s seminal track ‘Self Existence’ released on Adam Beyers Drumcode label. Though he uses certain key hardware items as a basis for his studio productions and live sets, he predominately works within the box. Utilising the Novation SL MkIII’s tight integration with his chosen DAW, Reason, he will share how he achieves dancefloor pressure by using technique’s he has harnessed over the last 2 decades producing.

Reset Robot’s discography includes releases on labels such as Dubfire’s SCI+Tec, Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are the Brave, Hot Flush and his own Whistleblower Records.  With a back catalogue this stacked and his production and remix work in high demand, his tracks are a mainstay in many high-profile playlists.



2.30pm: GLXY

‘Altered Visions’

GLXY break down their Visions track released last year on the Brighton-based high-profile drum & bass label Shogun Audio.

GLXY predominantly work within the DAW but get the best of both worlds by bringing hardware elements into their workflow to accent their clean and powerful digital sound. The duo continues to defy genres, creating their signature sound for the liquid and drum & bass domain.



3.30pm: Sync 24

‘Modern Production Techniques in an ever-evolving genre’

Cultivated ‘electro-head’ SYNC 24 talks technique deployment when achieving final mix down quality. There are many stages when creating his upfront and unyielding sound, all of which have seen him gain traction in the electro scene for many years.

This session aims to showcase the unique processes of how he creates a track from start to finish or how a remix takes shape from inception to completion.










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