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THURSDAY 26th MAY 2022

10.30am: Workshop – Rekordbox 6 / CDJ-3000 (in association with Pioneer DJ

Discover rekordbox 6 and the Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 in this dedicated masterclass session.

Pioneer DJ’s Product specialist Sami Qureshi will demonstrate the innovative new features on the flag ship player and tips, tricks and connectivity from the newly updated rekordbox 6, which together open a new world of creative possibilities for DJs everywhere.

Presenter: Sami Qureshi / Pioneer DJ / Business Development Executive 


11.30am: The Label Machine

Go behind the scenes on how successful indie labels are built and run.

We will be covering:
How to quickly find the best distributor for your music
How to create your own record logos in minutes
How to get thousands of fans to buy and stream your music, even with a limited budget.

Presenter: Nick Sadler 


12.30pm: Vocal Hooks Masterclass (in association with Toolroom Academy)

A strong vocal can take your track to a different level, but finding original vocal hooks can be the most challenging aspect of electronic music production.

In this session, Toolroom Academy lead tutor D.Ramirez will show you some cutting-edge tricks on working creatively with vocals.

He’ll look at some case studies of where some famous vocal hooks originate from. Then he’ll focus on some spoken word samples, demonstrating techniques on how to make these fit into your groove.

Presenter: D.Ramirez (Toolroom Academy)


1.30pm: Getahead x Work Inspired present ‘Your People Are Your Biggest Power’

Struggling to keep your team happy and motivated at work? Experiencing increased sick days and poor staff engagement?

You’re not alone.

Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. A sixth of workers are now experiencing a mental health problem at any one
time and stress, anxiety and depression are thought to be responsible for almost half of working days lost in Britain. These figures are only getting worse since the pandemic.

Hosted by leading mental health & wellbeing experts Getahead & Work Inspired, our team of professionals will offer tips, support and solutions that will help to keep your people happy and thriving at work, whilst addressing key areas of concern for employers.

We all need that all important wellbeing toolbox, so join us
and learn how you can be a company that really cares about its people.

Your people are your biggest investment, so why not look after them?

Moderator: Jennifer Cochrane (Co Founder & CEO Getahead / Founder & CEO Work Inspired)

Brandon Block (DJ / Life Coach / Founder Happy Days For Everyone)

Dr Mark Cox (NHS Doctor / Founder, The Straight Talking Dr Podcast)

Krystal Roxx (DJ & Producer / Founder We Are Superfoxx)

Silvana Kill (Director of Operations, NTIA)


2.30pm: Pjanoo by Eric Prydz Deconstruction (in association with Point Blank Music School)

Ski Oakenfull will be recreating the sounds and techniques used to make the classic house tune, Pjanoo by Eric Prydz in Ableton Live 11 from scratch with a special acapella mashup.

Presenter: Ski Oakenfull (Point Blank, Head of Education and Curriculum) 


3.30pm: Are Gen Z clubbing less? Exploring new attitudes to raving (in association with Keep Hush)

Attitudes to nightlife & clubbing were already changing for Gen Z. Covid-19 had a further impact.

Following Keep Hush’s recent dialogue with their members exploring Gen Z’s opinions & mindsets, we delve deep into the future of clubbing.

How will this affect brands, promoters, collectives, and venues?

Discussing topics like: curation, community, inclusivity, safety, sobriety

Moderator: Andy Brooker (Strategy, Keep Hush)

Harriet Bliss (Logistics Manager, Label Manager – Fabric, More Cowbell)

Mithun Sundaresan (Curator & Freelance Strategist QMBL UMS, Brixton Finishing School)

Rachel Olagunju (Head of Community, Keep Hush)

Sean Gomez (Head of Events, Keep Hush)


4.30pm: Viberate Workshop

How to stay ahead of the competition using the latest music marketing technology.

Presented by: Vasja Veber (Viberate)

FRIDAY 27th MAY 2022

10.30am: Remixing, mixing and mastering Masterclass (in association with Steinberg ) 

During this session, DJ/Producer and mastering engineer Sappo will show you how to remix, mix and master your tracks to get them ready for the club and digital stores only using Cubase Pro 12 features and included instruments and effects. He will deconstruct the remix process, show you how you can extract elements from any audio and totally transform it to use as a starting point for your own productions. He will also show how he sculpts his mixes and achieve a great sounding master only using Cubase Pro 12 stock plugins.

Presented by: DJ Sappo (Andrew Sappleton, UK Product Specialist at Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH)


11.30am: DJ Set Breakdown (in association with Future Music / Rane)

Watch the World DMC Champion JFB break down one of his live DJ battle sets and talk through some of his ideas, tips and tricks used when approaching competitions like the DMC World Championships

Moderator: Si Truss

JFB (World DMC Champion)


12.30pm: A&R Workshop (in association with Shogun Audio / Elevate Records)

Shogun Audio director Keir Tyrer invites label manager Peter Van Dongen to talk about how to get signed to labels.

*Send them your demos to be put forward for this A&R workshop to hear their critique and if they would consider signing you*

Keir Tyrer (Director, Shogun Audio)

Peter Van Dongen (Shogun Audio)


1.30pm: Remix Masterclass (in association with Cavendish Music)

Dom will be dissecting his Production Music Award Winning track (Best Electronic Track 2021) an electronic remix of a classical track – showing how we can utilise existing tracks with electronic remixes for sync.

Dom, Taz Mattar & Arun Sethi from Cavendish Production team will be on hand for any questions at the end

Moderator: Tammy Tinawi (Senior Music Consultant / Senior Producer)

Dom Howard (Ruckspin, Author, engineer for Submotion Orchestra, Ninja Tune, EMI & Cavendish)

Arun Sethi (Senior Producer, Cavendish Music)

Taz Mattar (Head of Production, Cavendish Music)


2.30pm: Pioneer DJ workshop – DDJ-REV 7 / DJM-S11

Introducing the new Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 and the DJM-S11.

Pioneer DJ’s Product Planner Jack Canham will demonstrate the brand new addition to our Serato compatible product range.

Covering the unique battle style configuration and motorised platters of the Rev7 alongside the 2 channel, 4 deck control professional scratch mixer the DJM-S11, with customisable touchscreen and expanded effects section helping DJs to perform more freely.

Presented by: Jack Canham (Product Planning Executive, Pioneer DJ)


3.30pm: The Loop: Collaboration & Feedback (in association with OpenDAW)

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in your music career, collaboration and feedback are essential to the development of your artistic journey. Join Alex Kenning [Founder OpenDAW] and a selection of experienced music industry heads as they discuss how to get the best out of your collaboration sessions, and the importance of feedback along the way.

Expect to get some key tips and tricks for your collaborative sessions, and find out when to listen to feedback and how to best incorporate it into your work.

“Writing music can be a solitary process, Alex created OpenDAW song writing sessions, a platform to bring together talented independent artists to connect, create and collaborate. For more info click here.

Presenter: Alex Kenning (OpenDAW)

Just Her (DJ/Producer)

LOA (Singer/Songwriter)

Molly Johnson (Creative Executive / Sentric Music)

Penny F (Singer/Songwriter)

Scott Diaz (DJ/Producer)










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