THURS 23rd MAY 2024

10.00am: YOUR MUSIC & TECH: TIME TO RESET? (in association with rightsHUB

Creators and industry operators alike often find themselves drowning in their day to day tasks. From everyday admin to demanding one time applications, from the mundane to the stressful. We explore how cutting-edge tech can be your ticket to improved efficiency, more creative time & ultimately – healthier workflows.

Moderator: Oscar Tremain (rightsHUB)

Britt Timmerman (Curve)

Gareth Deakin (Sonorous)

Shannon Herber (Campaign / Wise River Consulting)

Tarmeet Grewal (FRTYFVE)


11.00am: FROM RELEASE TO REMIX (in association with FUGA)

What you need to do from Day 1 to 100 of your release.

Building a successful campaign for your release from start to finish can be a minefield of do’s and don’ts and you need to proactively plan every step.

Whether you’re an independent artist, label or just interested in understanding more, this panel will show you how to start and execute your campaign roadmap and prove why a well-planned strategy can pay off.

Understand what to do before, on, and after release day, how to react to unexpected traction, and how to find and engage with your audience.

Moderator: Lara Baker (GM, UK & Ireland – FUGA)

Badger (Label Manager, Critical Music, 20/20LDN, Neosignal Recordings)

Keturah Cummings (Forward Slash)

Sean Brosnan (Material)


12.00pm: DJ Q&A

An annual favourite at BMC, this is your chance to ask anything you like to our panel of experienced pros and hot new artists.

This year, we proudly present Balearic legend Justin Robertson; Manchester House music royalty Queen B; Glitterbox / Defected regular and recently published Smokin Jo and 3 x World DMC Champion and scratch genius JFB.

Moderator: Ellie Talebian

JFB (DMC World Champion x 3)

Justin Robertson

Queen B

Smokin Jo



It’s becoming clear that high numbers of DJs are neurodivergent (autistic, ADHD, dyslexic etc).

This panel will discuss why this might be, what neurodiverse people bring to DJing, and look into just why they are so good at it.

Moderator: Harold Heath

Brandon Block


Caroline the DJ

Kate Wildblood

Yewande Adeniran (INTERVENTION) aka Ifeoluwa 



PRS take a look at the work being done to improve the identification of music within the electronic music space and how this influences royalty payments.

Moderator: Silvia Montello (CEO Voicebox /remarQabl)

Greg Marshall (Consultant / AlphaTheta)

Jack Henry (Senior Operations Manager – E1)

Lee Morrison (rightsHUB)

Mini Da Minx

Tim Arber (PRS)


3.00pm: JUST THE TICKET (in association with Skiddle)

Talking about the change in ticket buying habits, how it’s affecting clubs & festivals and what can be done to support them.

Moderator: Duncan King (Head of Festivals & Partnerships, Skiddle)

Carly Heath (Night Time Economy Advisor for Bristol)

George Fleming (CEO, Save Our Scene)

Maya D (Event Marketing Manager, Hospital records)

Siala Stathopoylos (Account Manager, Skiddle)


4.00pm: 20 YEARS OF SHOGUN

The story so far.

D&B institution Shogun Audio celebrate two decades at the forefront of the scene with this exclusive deep dive into the label’s colourful story, with founder Friction alongside next-gen producers Pola & Bryson, ably supported by Shogun main man Keir Tyrer, aka K-Tee.

Moderator: Silvia Montello (CEO Voicebox /remarQabl)

Ed Keeley – Friction (Shogun Audio founder and Head Of A&R)

Jack Higgins (One half of Pola & Bryson. Artist)

Keir Tyrer (K-Tee)

5.00pm: SAMPLING (in association with Creative Law)

Sampling music. Avoiding the pitfalls.

A Legal and Business Perspective Making dance tracks using elements of existing songs and masters is ubiquitous. But it’s a minefield with potentially significant risks if you fail to acquire the necessary clearances. The process can be exceedingly slow and expensive, but new platforms are emerging that offer pre-cleared rights. Is that a blessing or a curse?

A panel of legal experts will examine, explain and debate.

Moderator: Dean Marsh (Creative Law & Business)

Jules O’Riordan (Sound Advice & Global DJ)

Mark Stafford (Lee & Thompson)

Saranne Tardelli-Reid (Sample Clearance Services)

Sebastian Mann (Tracklib)

FRI 24th MAY 2024


Come & immerse yourself in a magical sound healing journey.

Sound healing, which is an ancient healing technique, uses tonal frequencies to bring the body into a state of vibrational balance and harmony & often helps with deep healing & over all well being.

Hosted by Fay Barton aka Mizbee 


11.00pm: A&R

Getting your music in front of a respected A&R can be a career-changing experience, but how do you about it?

What are A&Rs looking for, and where do they go to find it?

Why are A&Rs still necessary and how did they get into these roles? And can AI be integrated into the A&R process in the future?

Moderator: Lizzie Curious

Daniel Curpen (Anjunadeep)

Dr. Janek Meyn (AIDAR)

Heiko Hoffmann (The Orchard)

Jess Bays (Superstore Records)

Robert Luis (Tru Thoughts)


12.00pm: Redefining Value: Why the F!&$K is Counter Culture less important than Classic Culture? (in association with NTIA)

In this panel, we delve into the intricate relationship between electronic music and traditional culture in the UK, questioning why electronic music often takes a backseat in funding and cultural recognition compared to its classical counterparts.

Despite its global influence and thriving underground scenes, electronic music struggles to attain the perceived value of classical culture within the UK’s cultural landscape. We’ll explore the historical, societal, and economic factors contributing to this discrepancy and discuss what steps can be taken to elevate electronic music to the esteemed status enjoyed by classical music in many European countries.

Join us as we examine the importance of cultural diversity and inclusivity, the role of education and advocacy, and the potential for policy changes to reshape the narrative surrounding electronic music in the UK.

Moderator: Michael Kill (CEO NTIA)

Carly Heath (Night Time Economy Advisor for Bristol)

Irvine Welsh (Label Owner – Jack Said What / Author /DJ)

Keith Reilly (Co Founder, Fabric)

Silvia Montello (CEO Voicebox /remarQabl)

Steven Braines (Co Founder He.She.They).


1.00pm: WHAT LABELS ARE ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR? (in association with Label Radar)

Join Beatport, Another Rhythm, Hospital Records, Glasgow Underground and DnB Allstars for a dynamic, open discussion. Learn how to distinguish yourself in a competitive market, key strategies to make your demos resonate, common pitfalls to avoid, the art of crafting a hit remix (and more).

This panel aims to equip you with exclusive insights and practical advice to help advance your career with confidence!

Moderator: Ed Brew (Director of Business Development, Music Services, Beatport)

Damien Platt (Marketing Director, Glasgow Underground)

Joanna Phillips (Label Manager, Another Rhythm)

Justine Taylor (Label Assistant, DnB Allstars)

TJ Campbell (A&R, Hospital Records)


2.00pm: TOURING (in association with AFEM)

The DJ Touring Landscape. Everything you need to know.

From creating a touring strategy with your agent to promoting your event and artist content pre-during and post event what are the trends and approaches should we take for growing artists careers in the live sector.

Moderator: Finlay Johnson (AFEM)

Emily Hornbuckle (One House)

Frances Barber Shillito (FRNT MGMT)

Oscar Kriek (Ticketswap)

Simon Clarkson (Primary Talent)


3.00pm: PODCASTS

As podcasts continue to explode into wider mainstream culture, we look at their potential for dance music culture.

From the basics of setting up your own podcast to the opportunities for enhancing your music career, we’ll examine the format in this deep dive session featuring some of the scene’s most successful podcast players.

Moderator: Lex Luca (OpenDAW Talks)

Alex Branson (ABC Music podcast)

Ellie Scougal (Inside the USB podcast)

Katie Knight (Can U Put Me On The Guestlist?)

Kelli-Leigh (You Know My Voice Podcast)

Faye Lawrence (Grape)


4.00pm: GET PLAYED, GET PAID (in association with PPL)

Join us to explore how to maximise royalties for sustainable careers in the electronic music industry as an artist, producer, or label.

Whether it’s money from radio play, on television, or your music being played in public, we’ll be discussing how revenue flows back through to artists and labels.

Our experts will shed light on the importance of PPL in elevating your journey in electronic music, from registering recordings to explaining how to make performer claims, and offering practical advice for starting and sustaining your career in this dynamic field.

Moderator: Roxanne Oak (PPL)

Claudia Piazza (Maison Riche Artist Management)

Simon Birkumshaw (The Circuit Group)

Sophia Wardman (Ayita)

Terence Daniel (PPL)



In this panel we’ll tackle the most important questions around music management in 2024, including: do you need a manager?

If so, when, and what should they be able to do for you?

Crucially, how much do they cost you and how do you find one?

All this and more will be considered by a panel whose management clients span everything from chart-topping hitmakers to legendary underground heroes and label teams who deal with artists and managements on a daily basis.

Moderator: Roxy Roberts (Hear No Evil Management)

Abel Reynolds (Finger Lickin)

Amy Jayne (1985 Music)

Matt Johnson (The Pool London)

Paul Wells (Elite Music Management)

Sally Rodgers (A Man Called Adam)










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