BMC24 Programme TBA

THURS 25th MAY 2023

10.30am: SYNC

Landing a sync deal for film, TV, or video games remains one of the most sought-after and competitive areas of today’s electronic music industry.

This panel will take you through the nuts and bolts of sync: what is sync? Where are the opportunities? How to make the most of them? And if you do land a deal how lucrative can you expect it to be?

Moderator: Aidan Lavelle (Universal / KPM / Sony / SATV)

Ben Sumner (Managing Director, Feel For Music)

Cameron Fyall (Ninja Tune PM)

Jess Nash (Head of Sync, Defected)

Nick Baxter (BBC Studios Music Publishing Manager)

Sophie Elliott-Sheen (PRS for Music, Licensing Consultant)

Tammy Tinawi (Senior Music Consultant, Cavendish Music)




Record labels have been the backbone of the dance music industry since day one, and remain a vital feature of today’s scene.

Drawing together experienced players and label owners from some of the most respected imprints in House, Breaks and DnB, we’ll take you through everything from the basics of setting up your own label, through to why labels still matter to artists today.

Moderator: Ellie Talebian (DJ / Radio Presenter)

Amy Jayne (1985 Music)

Badger (Critical Music)

Jonathan Waller (Strikeforce)

Ralph Lawson (20:20 Vision)

Robert Luis (Tru Thoughts)

Seamus Haji (Defected)



The music industry changes day by day, but as everything evolves how can services that cater to it grow with it.

Join Help Musicians, AIM and Downtown as they discuss the changing needs of artists, execs and music companies and learn how Help Musicians and its mental health subsidiary charity, Music Minds Matter, are building a support network for the modern music sector.

Moderator: Gareth Mellor (Downtown Music Holdings / Music Minds Matter)

Silvia Montello (AIM / Music Minds Matter)

Laurie Olivia (Help Musicians)



1.30pm: WHERE MUSIC MATTERS – 20 Years of Toolroom

Toolroom has been at the forefront of house music for two decades, and in 2023 they celebrate their 20th birthday with the ‘Where Music Matters’ campaign.

In this panel, label co-founder Mark Knight and Managing Director Stuart Knight discuss some key moments in the label’s history, explain the challenges of running a successful record label in the modern music industry, and share their plans for the future of the brand.

Moderator: Carly Wilford (DJ / Producer)

Mark Knight (Co-Founder / Creative Director)

Stuart Knight (Managing Director)



2.30pm: A FRESH APPROACH TO MUSIC COPYRIGHT (in association with PRS for Music)

What do you need to know about publishing and master rights to navigate a career in electronic music?

What are the different types of music rights and who owns what? What is licensing? How do you clear samples?

Industry experts discuss the significance of music copyright in promoting creativity and innovation while safeguarding the rights of electronic music creators and rightsholders.

Moderator: Jataneel Banerjee (Relationship Manager – PRS for Music)

Dean Marsh (Lawyer, Creative Law & Business)

Kelly Burke (Copyright Manager, Just Isn’t Music / Ninja Tune)

Shamus Damani (Head Of Legal & Business Affairs, Defected Records)



3.30pm: RIGHTS, REGISTRATIONS & RENUMERATION (in association with rightsHUB)

The true understanding of the rights you own has never been more important in a more online and data led music business.

This panel will dive into the importance of ensuring those rights are updated to todays standards, the correct people credited and the importance of ensuring this data is registered in all of the right places including PRO’s, CMO’s, distributors, publishers, Music Recognition Technology services and more as early as possible in the creation cycle.

As way’s to promote and monetise catalogues continue to expand its imperative to have your house in order to ensure fair renumeration for you and your music creators.

Moderator: Lee Morrison (rightsHUB, CEO)

Emma Jepson (ICE)

Lucie Caswell (LLM / Music & Rights Specialist)

Yuri Doktor (Dj Monitor, CEO)



Electronic music’s dominance over the last 3 decades has been self-evident following a recent report from the Night Time Industries Association. Its community impact, economic contribution and cultural significance go beyond expectations.

This amazing panel will dig into the real value of electronic music beyond the dancefloor.

Moderator: Mike Kill (NTIA CEO)

Alan Fitzpatrick (DJ / Producer / We Are The Brave)

Callum Hughes (Lab 11 / TRMNL Management)

Chris Goss (Hospital Records)

Lisa Lashes (DJ / Producer)

Meike Nolte (Believe b:electronic)

FRI 26th MAY 2023

10.30am: DJ PROMO (in association with Inflyte)

This panel aims to provide essential insights for labels and artists into the world of music promo featuring advice, guidance, strategies, tips, tricks and best practice from experts in the field of DJ promo, radio promo and music PR, hosted by Inflyte co-founder Paul Hamill.

Moderator: Paul Hamill (CEO, Inflyte)

Abi White (Head Of Dance & Electronic Promotions, Kartel Music Group)

Lucy St John (PR & Promotions Manager, Defected Records)

Patrick Hagenaar (Director – Whoa! Promo/ Jack Wins)

Will Sumsuch (Only Good Stuff PR/5 Mag)



11.30am: COMMUNITIES (in association with

The importance of communities in the music industry. The electronic music industry is a place that nurtures new talent and subcultures where people can come together with like minded people and feel part of a community.

In this conversation we will discuss the importance of communities within the industry with case studies and examples from event promoters, radio stations, gender miniorties and artists showing the positive impacts of community building and how you can start your own.

Moderator: Nikki McNeill (Global Publicity)

Christine Osazuwa (Measure of Music, Shoobs)

Frankie Wells (Foundation FM)

Rebecca Rees (Community Manager at Parlophone / Warner Records)

Saoirse Kavanagh (Outernet Live)



12.30pm: RECORD DEAL NEGOTIATIONS (in association with Creative Law)

A panel of experts will focus on the art of negotiation of recording and master licensing deals in the dance world. It will be of interest to artists/managers and labels alike (and will look at both perspectives).

Points to be discussed:- getting initial interest, negotiation strategies, exclusive deals vs one off singles, major deals compared to indie deals, assignment of rights vs licensing, advance and/or back end, royalty rates and recoupment structures, option clauses, publishing rights as part of record deal and marketing commitments

Moderator: Dean Marsh (Creative Law & Business)

Jules O’Riordan AKA Judge Jules (Global DJ / Lawyer, Sound Advice)

Shamus Damani (Head of Business Affairs, Defected)

Jasmine Watts (CTRL FRK Management)




Spinning records and weaving brands: The art of marketing in the music industry.

Moderator: Farah Nanji (Mission Makers Podcast / N1NJA)

Duncan King (Skiddle)

Emilie Birks (VP Marketing, Beatport Group)

Maya De N’Yeurt (Hospital Records)

Nikki McNeill (Global Publicity)

Paul Hutchinson (Clockwork Orange / Rockin Social Agency)



2.30pm: WHEN MUSIC MEETS AI (in association with AFEM)

The cultural and business benefits and risks of AI and Web3.

Beyond the hype and the fear, how do we frame the current explosion in AI technologies as an opportunity for artists and creators?

Moderator: Gareth Deakin (Sonorous)

Carl Hayden Smith (Museum of Consciousness)

Jay Ahern (

Pal Chohan (PIXELYNX)

Sarasara (Artist-philosopher / Researcher, BIMM)



Less than a year old, Jack Said What has already made a sizeable impact on the dance music scene.

How have they done this? Who is involved? What are their secrets, if any? And how have they managed to give their new record label an edge, a label with attitude?

The label owners and some of its artists tell all.


Moderator: Carl Loben (DJ Mag Editor)

Irvine Welsh (Author / Record label Boss)

Jon Carter (DJ / Producer)

Lisa Moorish (DJ / Producer)

Rob Davy (DJ / Producer)

Steve Mac (Big Boss / DJ / Producer)



4.30pm: SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (in association with Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (LNADJ)

The dance music industry has traditionally not been known for its focus on social responsibility. Yet, we are now seeing a positive and sustained change in attitude through the example of a few trailblazers.

Why is this happening now, and how can we collaborate to expand their work meaningfully so that using our platforms for good becomes the industry standard?

Moderator: Ellie Talebian (Comms Manager, LNADJ)

Amber D (DJ / Producer)

Jumping Jack Frost (DJ / Producer)

Steve Mac (DJ / Producer)

Vijay Anand (Head of Marketing, LNADJ)










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