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THURSDAY 26th MAY 2022

10.30am: Earning a living from electronic music (in association with PRS for Music)

What are the different income streams available to electronic music creators and how do you get paid?

An experienced panel will explain // the value of music copyright, the flow of recording/publishing royalties to artists, the role of collections societies and more.

Moderator: Ashley Howard (Dance Music Relationship Manager – PRS for Music)

Camille Lummis (Copyright Manager – Involved Publishing)

Ellinor Rosenquist (Copyright Manager – Warp Publishing)

Yuri Dokter (Founder/CEO – DJ Monitor)

11.30am: A&R – How To Get Your Music Signed

How to get your music signed to the right labels to propel your profile and career in the music industry.

We invite key A&R managers from Critical Music, Defected, Hospital Records & Ultra to share their knowledge and give artists tips of how to get demos in front of the right people to get signed.

Moderator: Lizzie Curious (Point Blank / DJ /Producer)

Badger (Critical Music)

Chris Goss (Hospital)

Seamus Haji (Defected)

Tammi Tinawi (Cavendish Music)

12.30pm: Vocals (in association with WaterBear)

Learn how best approach vocalists for toplines and what deals are available if you are a singer to work with producers as these experts discuss all there is to know about vocals. .

Moderator: Georgie Palzeaird (WaterBear)

Bryan Chambers (Glitterbox / Defected)

DJ Rae (RAM records / Ultra)

Lee Wilson (D4Dance / Midnight Riot)

SOLAH (Hospital / Critical)

Zara Kershaw (Shogun Audio)


1.30pm: NFT & Web3 – Where We Are Where We Are Going (in association with WaterBear)

Whilst NFTs in music is still new, with a number of different business models and use cases we are still at the very early stages and it’s still really confusing to both music creators and music fans.

The talk aims to give different perspectives across the industry to where we are now and where we go next.

All the while keeping accessible and low on the buzz word bingo! 

Moderator: Gareth Deakin (RCRDSHP)

Daga Pajduszewska (Volta XR).

Heiko Hoffman (Beatport)

Paula Van Der Waerden (RCRDSHP)

Scott Diaz (DJ / Producer)


2.30pm: Critical Music 20th Anniversary Q&A

“It’s crazy to think we turn 20 this year. Something I started as a hobby has become an all enveloping part of my life and it seems like it matters quite a bit to a few of you. This year we have some of our biggest and best plans to date. It’s nice to look back but it’s even more exciting to look forward.” Kasra Critical // 2022

We host a Keynote Q&A with Badger and Kasra to find out the secret behind running one of Beatport’s Best selling D&B label.

Moderator: Carl Loben (DJ Mag)

Badger – Label Manager

Kasra – Label Founder / DJ / Producer


3.30pm: The Power of Social Media

We delve deep into the world or Social Media and discuss how DJs, artists, labels, promoters can get the best out of it. From Instagram and Facebook ads to achieving organic reach and increasing your following and how to get things trending.

Moderator: Carly Wilford (Artist/Producer)

Clara Suess (Suess Media)

Sian Bennett (Mustard Media)

Tony Allen (Undrtone Industry Services)

Vasja Veber (Viberate)

4.30pm: Secretsundaze – Keynote

“It’s tempting to say Smith and Priestley move with the times but their style has always been timeless.” (Christine Karkaire, Resident Advisor).

DJs, promoters, producers, label owners, dance music fanatics, and community builders Secretsundaze have been following their hearts not the hype since their first party in Brick Lane in 2002. Meeting at school in their early teens, Giles & James are one of London and the scene’s longest-serving, authentic and non-compromising duo’s.

Originally as the name suggested a Sunday daytime party, playing house music but leaning into soul, disco, broken beat and anything that moved them, Time Out stated Secretsundaze “changed the face of daytime clubbing”. Fast forward 20 years and the party and DJ duo are still relevant and going strong. They have always managed to maintain a fine balance between staying true to their roots while being open to different styles and influences.

As DJs and artists, Secretsundaze have a busy tour schedule that has seen them play at the very best clubs and festivals worldwide from Panorama Bar, Fabric, Smart Bar, Closer, Robert Johnson to Glastonbury and Kala festivals and have released music on the likes of Live at Robert Johnson, Mule Musiq, Phonica records as well as their own imprint.

2022 is Secretsundaze’s 20th anniversary and they have some exciting new projects to share with the world.

Moderator: Katie Thomas (Resident Advisor)

Giles Smith

FRIDAY 27th MAY 2022

10.30am: Music Promo / PR

DJs / Producers / Labels – want to get your music to the biggest DJs in the world? look no further.

Our industry experts in Music Promotion who send promos out to and receive feedback from A-List DJs across the globe will share their insider knowledge with you.

Moderator: Polly Dunseath (SOLO LDN)

Abi White (For The Record)

Dean Muhsin (Dispersion)

Paul Hamill (Inflyte)

Rhys Baker (Tru Thoughts)

Simon Birkumshaw (LabelWorx).


11.30am: Festivals (in association with RSH Audio)

We talk line ups, DJ fees, diversity & inclusion, health & wellbeing with these seasoned Festival Promoters.

Moderator: Joe Haycocks (RSH Audio)

Aidan Doherty (Warm Up)

Jonathan Scratchley (Good Vibrations Society)

Kitty Bartlett (Percolate)

Yasmin Galletti (We Are The Fair)


12.30pm: DJ Q&A (in assocation with WaterBear)

An open Q&A with this panel of celebrated DJs hosted by WaterBear The College of Music in Brighton. We discuss Music, Touring, Production, Labels, Late Nights and more.

Moderator: Isla Fabinyi (A&R Executive, Sentric Music)

JFB (World DMC Champion)

Leftwing : Kody (Toolroom)

Mr C (Superfreq)

Queen B (Let There Be House)


1.30pm: Vocals

Learn how best approach vocalists for toplines and what deals are available if you are a singer to work with producers as these experts discuss all there is to know about vocals.

Moderator: Laura Leon (REP Vocal Agency / House Gospel Choir)

Natalie Maddix (House Gospel Choir)

Rowetta (Happy Mondays)

Rupert Oldridge (The Beatbox Collective)

Steffi pka ‘LOA.’ (Defected, Grand Plans, Simma Black)


2.30pm: Art of the Remix (in association with WaterBear)

We talk REMIX action with seasoned producers asking them all there is to know about remixes, how they approach them and the big question… when is a remix just an edit or bootleg?!

Moderator: Trevor Fung (DJ / Producer)

Johnny Hudson (Remixology)

Just Her (Anjunadeep)

Mighty Mouse (Glitterbox)

NOLAN (Mobilee / Bedrock)


3.30pm: Producer Q&A

We talk to a panel of seasoned producers and engineers about everything music production related. From Hardware to Plugins, DAW’s, Recording live, Touring, Mixing, Mastering and even ghost production!

Moderator: James Wiltshire (Freemasons)

Huxley (Ultra)

Isabel Gracefield (RAK Studios)

Hilit Kolet (Defected)

Leftwing : Kody (Toolroom)

Made By Pete (Crosstown Rebels)


4.30pm: 30 Years of RAM Records

As Andy C & Red One’s legendary RAM Records turns 30 this year we talk to the team about the past, present and future of D&B.

Moderator: Charlie Tee (BBC Radio 1)

Chords (Artist)

Hannah Helbert (Press & Marketing)

Jim Gash (Boss)

Pete Jordan (Weird Science)










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