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THURSDAY 26th MAY 2022

10.30am: How to become a radio presenter (in association with Gaydio)

How to build your radio demo & become a presenter

Moderator: Alex Baker

Ellie Talebian (We Are Hummingbird / Gaydio)


11.30am: discusses the New Creative Economy has continued to champion those at the forefront of the new era for the music industry in their Alternative Power 100 List and this year’s focus is The New Creative Economy.

This panel brings together some of this year’s talented independent creators and entrepreneurs to discuss how they are breaking down the barriers to find new ways of working and building new communities in the music industry.

Let’s learn from the next generation.

Moderator: Nikki McNeill (Global Publicity)

Carly Wilford (Artist/Producer)

Christine Osazuwa ( / Measure of Music)

Jameel Wollaston (Patreon)

Steven Braines (He.She.They / The Weird and the Wonderful)

12.30pm: Electronic Music & Brands 2022 presented by Identification of Music & BUMP.AGENCY

The age of influencer is waning. In 2022, establishing your own online community is essential.

Whether you are a label, fashion brand or music media platform, what is the value in building and owning your own online community? How do you establish long term credibility to build your next generation of customers and community members?

Ahead of IOM’s report on “Commun-economy: The Economics of Online Communities,” IOM founder Robbie Murch and Researcher Henry Holder to discuss the role of online communities in shaping their organisations. Digging into what roles they play in music today, whether organisations should be establishing their own online communities.

Think content strategy, monetisation, gifting, live and marketing campaigns

Moderator: Robbie Murch (Identifcation Of Music, Group CEO)

Henry Holder (Bump Agency) 


1.30pm: DJ Mixes on Streaming Services: Opportunities & Challenges (in association with AFEM)

Developing the music offerings in DJ Mix format is now a serious focus across all the major streaming services as the music discovery and listener engagement possibilities are recognised across the board.

We look at the options for DJs, artists, producers and labels to reach an audience and get paid for getting played through the DJ Mix format online, and some of the challenges around track clearance, takedowns and monetization.

Moderator: Silvia Montello (AFEM, CEO)

Alex Branson (Beatport)

Bindu DeKnock (Crosslink / AFEM Exec Board)

Degs (DJ/Producer / Hospital Records)

Jameel Wollaston (Patreon)

Kwabena Amponsa (Mixcloud)


2.30pm: How To Thrive Back In Live (in association with PRS for Music)

Gigging and touring are restarting in full force now that COVID restrictions have eased.

Whether you’re in a band or a DJ, there are many opportunities and challenges you must navigate to make the most of being ‘back on the road’.

We look at how to grow your audience, maximise your live performance royalties, how to sell more tickets, through to managing your mental health and make your career sustainable.

Moderator: Tristan Hunt (Regional Manager – Association For Electronic Music)

Alexandra Williamson (Managing Director – Blue Rhythm)

Chris Goss (Co-Founder/Managing Director – Hospital Records)

Cimone Fagan (Publishing & Licensing Manager – Temple (Shogun Audio/Elevate Records) / Artist Manager – NxtGen Management)

Martin Maguire (Head of Publisher Support & Relationships – PRS for Music)


3.30pm: Beatport Industry Hour

The Beatport Group delivers a comprehensive rundown of its latest product updates, acquisitions, genre trends, events, and brand partnerships while exploring best practices and the various promotional tools that artists and labels can use to stand out in today’s competitive music market.

Moderator: Heiko Hoffmann (VP, Global Artist Services, Beatport)

Alex Branson (SVP, Music Services, Beatport)

Desiree Maus (Manager, Executive Operations and Partnerships, Beatport)

Gareth Halsall (VP, Business Operations, The Producer Group, Beatport)

Marina Palacios (Manager, Label Relations, Beatport)

Verity Mayes (Head of Product Strategy, Music Services, Beatport)

4.30pm: Getting Your Music Heard (in association with BBC Radio 1)

Radio Plugging and routes to get your music played on the radio.

Ever wanted to know how to get your tracks played on the radio?

Not sure how you should approach DJs? What is BBC Introducing and why should I care?

All will be answered in this session as we explore the best ways to get your music played on the radio.

Moderator: Jay Forster (Editor, BBC Radio 1)

Ben Malone (Label Manager and A&R, Armada Music / Presenter Kiss FM)

Charlie Tee ( DJ/ Presenter, BBC Radio 1)

FRIDAY 27th MAY 2022

10.30am: Creating effective platforms for developing diverse talent and inclusive environments.

The belief that the music industry is a meritocracy is really entrenched, rather than recognising that some groups have greater access to the means to develop their talent, or become a success.

This panel looks at examples of effective platforms for developing diverse talent and inclusive environments

Moderator: Bindu de Knock (AFEM D&I Co-Chair)

Jenni Cochrane (Moving The Needle)

Morgan Deane (Lasher Louis)

Owyn Sidwell (SidexSide Management)

11.30am: All about ears (in association with ACS Custom, the world’s leading hearing protection specialist)

If your ears don’t work as a DJ or Music Producer – then neither do you!

The subject of hearing conservation in the music industry still doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

As a DJ or Musician, you are 3.5 times more likely to suffer from music-induced hearing loss and almost 1.5 times more likely to develop tinnitus than the general population.

This panel of experts will explain how your precious sense of hearing actually works, how it can be easily damaged by loud music and the correct way of protecting your best asset from Tinnitus and hearing loss!

Special guests will also share their experience of coping with Tinnitus and the effects on their lives.

Moderator: Jono Heale


12.30pm: Money Talks! (in association with Cavendish Music)

An insight in to how to make money writing for sync and production music, where your tracks can potentially be used and how the money rolls in!

Moderator: Tammy Tinawi (Senior Music Consultant & Senior Producer, Cavendish Music)

Dom Howard (Ruckspin, Author, Submotion Orchestra, Ninja Tune, EMI)

Joanna Gregory (Head of Operations & Strategy, Cavendish Music)

Nick Baxter (Music Publishing Manager – BBC Publishing. Commissioned music, sync & publishing for the BBC)

Tom Simpson (Bibliotheque Music & Five Missions More Publishing)

1.30pm: AfroHouse to Amapiano – The Rise of South Africa’s Electronic/Dance Music (in association with Khayafrika 

Come join us for an exciting panel session that will discuss the history & rise of South Africa’s Electronic/Dance Music Movement and address the opportunities, challenges & solutions for African music & talent.

DJ Black Coffee’s historic win at this year’s Grammy Awards for the Best Dance/Electronic Album – (Subconsciously ), inspires and shines the light on African music & talent both on the continent and in the diaspora.

We will also delve into Amapiano – a subgenre of Afrohouse which is fast becoming one of the hottest new music genres in the world.

Moderator: Mpho Sibanda (Co-founder, Khayafrika)

Logic Senya (DJ -Drums Radio & Monate London)

Nqo “Mac” Makhanda (Artist Manager, N.Q.O Mgt)

Tshepo Modikwe (DJ Bambi) 

Valee Music (Artist/Performer)

2.30pm: Web3 discussion hosted by PIXELYNX

Join Pixelynx and Beatport as they discuss the hugely successful Synthead NFT project.

Hear from both teams as they discuss the Web3 landscape, the importance of the space for the electronic music industry and how to approach Music based NFT projects.

James Sutcliffe (VP Global Partnerships, Pixelynx)

Ed Hill (SVP Beatport Media Group)

3.30pm: Songwriting negotiations (in association with Creative Law

This year, a panel of experts will demystify publishing deals, explain the different types of songwriting agreements and the negotiation process. It will be of interest to writers and publishers alike.

Issues to be analysed are:-

-copyright aspects of musical composition
-publishing income streams
-the evolving role of publishers
-the difference between a SSA and ESA and pros and cons of each
-advances, royalties and retention periods
-publishing rights being acquired as part of a record deal negotiation
– setting up your own publishing company-
-sub-publishing, admin deals and joint ventures -sync agent deals
-selling song catalogues 

Moderator: Dean Marsh (Creative Law & Business)

Jules O’Riordan AKA Judge Jules (Global DJ / Lawyer Sound Advice)

Shino Parker (Sentric Music/Motion Music Management)

Shamus Damani (Head of Business Affairs, Defected)

4.30pm: Keynote with Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson chats with Ellie Talebian about his career in music.

Moderator: Ellie Talebian (We Are Hummingbird / Gaydio)

Greg Wilson










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