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10.30pm: Who’s on your team (in association with PRS for Music)?

Who are the people and organisations that help electronic music creators carve out a career, what do they do and when do you need their help?

Moderator: Ashley Howard (PRS for Music)

John Truelove (Truelove Music)

Adam Woolf (Critical Music)

Nikki Ellis (Hospital Records)

Amanda Playle (Decade Management)

11.30am: How to monetize your music-making with El Train and Loopcloud (in association with Loopmasters)

El Train partners with Loopcloud to discuss how he got started with music production and creating samples and loops.

He will run through his journey working with Loopcloud on creating royalty-free sound packs, bringing his sounds to life by creating instruments for Loopcloud’s DRUM + PLAY instrument plugins and starting his own sound pack label and creating inspiring video content with Loopcloud.

Join us in exploring the inspiring journey of how an artist can monetize their music-making by developing a deeper relationship with brands that they believe in, and how their work is being used to inspire music makers globally.


12.30pm: Backstage in the Music Industry – the jobs you may NOT know about…. (in association with Moving The Needle)

Launched on International Women’s Day 2021, Moving The Needle wants to provide young women with relevant and ‘real’ information about the enormous scope of opportunity offered by the UK’s vibrant and valuable music industry.

One of MTN’s missions is helping people to access the full range of potential career paths that exist, in particular, the ‘behind the scenes’ roles that you probably won’t have heard about at careers fairs:

You do not need to hold a mic to be a part of the music industry…!.

Moderator: Silvia Montello (#remarQabl)

Karen Emanuel (Key Production Group)

Eve Horne (Peak Music)

Rachel Barton (We Are Grape)

Sara Al Hamad (AIM)


1.30pm: DJ Q&A

The art & craft of DJing

Moderator: Ellie Talebian (Eclectic Toolbox)

Charlie Tee (DJ & Broadcaster)

Denney (Hot Creations / DJ / Producer)

Mollie Collins (Kiss Fm)

Justin Robertson (DJ / Producer)


2.30pm: Pioneer CDJ-3000 & DJM-V10 Masterclass (in association with Pioneer DJ)

Discover the CDJ-3000 and the DJM V10 in this dedicated masterclass session. Pioneer DJ’s Product specialists Sami Qureshi and Sam Shepherd will demonstrate the innovative new features on the new flag ship player and 6 channel mixer which open a new world of creative possibilities.


3.30pm: French Kiss by Lil Louis Deconstruction (in association with Point Blank)

A deconstruction masterclass in Ableton Live, Ski Oakenfull will be breaking down the sounds and techniques to recreate the house classic, French Kiss by Lil Louis, from scratch.

4.30pm: Track Breakdown with Cypherpunx + Luke Brancaccio (in association with Future Music)

Cypherpunx aka Flip Fantazia and production partner in crime Luke Brancaccio breakdown their Sore Lullaby track which came out on Bedrock and John Digweed’s Quattro Compliation album.

Moderator: Si Truss (Future Music)

Cypherpunx (Crosstown Rebels / Bedrock / Renaissance)

Luke Brancaccio (Bedrock)

FRIDAY 24th SEPT 2021

10.30am: Mixing and mastering masterclass workshop (in association with WaterBear, The College of Music workshop & Steinberg) 

During this session, DJ/producer and mastering engineer Sappo will show you how to mix and master your tracks to sound huge on the dancefloor only using Cubase Pro 11’s stock plug-ins. He will run through all his tips and tricks to get your tracks ready for various formats (vinyl and digital) and specific platforms, such as Beatport, Apple Music and Spotify.

Sappo is a Drum & Bass DJ/producer and mastering engineer with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

A former BBC Radio 1 and 1 Extra DJ and presenter, he has also had several residencies and played all over the world for events and clubs such as The Warehouse Project, Fabric London, Hysteria, Slamming Vinyl, Spellbound, Fantazia and many more.

More recently, he focuses on production and mastering and has mastered some of the biggest tracks and LPs across Drum & Bass, House, Dance and Hip-Hop for artists such as Dope Ammo, Benny Page, The Mouse Outfit feat. IAMDDB, as well as several Beatport number ones and many other top 10 tracks.


11.30am: Where’s my fucking money? Parliament’s streaming inquiry explained…

The streaming music business has been in the spotlight throughout the pandemic, as streaming revenues continued to grow while clubs and gigs were in shutdown.

For the dance music sector, recorded music income topped $1 billion in 2020 thanks to the continued growth of subscription streaming. But how is that streaming money shared out across the music industry?

Many artists, songwriters and producers argue that the current business model isn’t fair – and in the UK their campaigning led to MPs scrutinising the streaming sector, with artists, managers, majors, indies and the streaming services all taking part in parliamentary hearings.

Find out what was debated, what conclusions MPs reached, and what impact that will have on the streaming sector as the wider music industry goes into revival.

Led by CMU Founder and MD Chris Cooke – author of the book ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’, which explains how the streaming music business works and how everyone gets paid.

Moderator: Chris Cooke (CMU Founder / Author, Dissecting The Digital Dollar



12.30pm: Breathing life into audio in a digital age (in association with Loopmasters)

On behalf of Plugin Boutique, Solo Major gives us a live demonstration of some of the most exciting, creative and state-of-the-art audio plugins available on the market today.

Plugin Boutique: The worldwide marketplace where the best music software companies come to sell their VST Plugins, Virtual Instruments and Synth.

Whether they’ve been born out of the past, present or future, every bit of software presented here has been designed to fly in the face of ‘squeaky-clean’ perfection and help your music come to life!

Who said digital audio had to be boring?!


1.30pm: Harnessing The Power Of Radio (in association with istreem radio)

What does Radio sound like in 2021, how can you get playlisted, what does airtime mean to an artist?

Moderator: Sacha Wall (istreem radio)

Lisa Loud (DJ)

Wax Worx (istreem radio)

Gavin Kingsley (The Radio Department)

Gordon Mac Mi-Soul


2.30pm: AFEM Presents: Events Reimagined

The challenges of the past 18 months have highlighted both the fragility of the electronic live music sector and the deep interdependence of the chain of businesses and creatives involved.

This panel looks at the innovations and fresh ideas coming out of these challenging times and how we might work together to make the ecosystem and electronic music scene more sustainable, inspiring and future-proofed.

Moderator: James Bullock (The Wild Seeds)

Maria May (CAA)

Teresa Moore (A Greener Festival)

Andy Peyton (Maiden Voyage / Phonox / Boiler Room)

Mark Newton (Broadwick Live / Hideout Festival)


3.30pm: Curating Your Own Online Community (in association with Identification of Music)

Our panelists have founded, grown & manage impactful online communities. They sit down to discuss the future of the attention economy: social media, events & live-streaming, music, sport & gaming.

This panel aims to highlight the future of online communities.

Moderator: Robbie Murch (IOM)

Hannah Naomi Fisayo (TikTok)

Jack Collins (Bleacher Report, Europa League Show)

Kristoffer Lewis (Man City E Sports)

Niks Delanancy (Founder & Director, B.A.D. – Black Artist Database)


4.30pm: The Loop: How to give and take feedback (in association with Open DAW)

Open DAW will be joined by a panel of experts from all sides of the industry as they discuss on how best to give and take feedback, when you should ask or offer it and the ways you can put the new found wisdom into practice.

Host: Alex Kenning (Open DAW)

Roger Sanchez (DJ / Producer)

Andrew Salsano (Nervous Records)










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