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10.30am: Why representation & visibility in dance music matters

This year Jaguar launched her Future1000 initiative in collaboration with Future DJs to tackle gender equality in dance music and to achieve more balanced representation and more opportunities for future generations.

Moderator: Jaguar (Radio 1 /DJ)


11.30am: Publishing In Lockdown (in association with Sentric Electronic)

How Black Rock Publishing and CTRL FRK collaborated to create throughout the Covid Pandemic.

Shino Parker, Michael Boyce, Mollie Collins and Mark Lawrence come together to talk through how this unique partnership allowed the talent they represent to: Create new music, remotely; Maintain relationships and motivation, using technology; Develop and enhance artist and releases strategy hand in hand with ever evolving creative output; And, importantly, what the outcomes have been as restrictions have eased.

Moderator: Mark Lawrence (Director, Electronic Music, Black Rock Publishing)

Shino Parker (Creative Manager, Sentric Music / Black Rock Publishing)

Michael Boyce (Director / Owner, CTRL FRK)

Mollie Collins (DJ/Producer, KISS FM)

12.30pm: Electronic music on the big screen, small screen and beyond (in association with PRS For Music)

How does electronic music end up being used on TV, in films, adverts and in video games?

An expert panel looks at the creative and licensing processes as well as important considerations about the earning potential for rightsholders and music creators.

The session will also explore opportunities in licensing catalogue and score in different media.

Moderator: Sergio Pimentel (Synchronicity Music)

David Newton (PRS for Music)

Tammy Tinawi (Cavendish Music)

Tracy Murray (Mint Music / Mr Bongo)

Dave Ranyard (Dream Reality)


1.30pm: Investigating the careers of female producers (in association with The Key Of She)

What is life really like as a woman producing electronic music? How are women, and gender minorities carving out a space for themselves in an occupation still dominated by men? Join Professor Samantha Warren in conversation with a leading record label, producer and promoter, as she shares key findings from a two-year academic research project and unveils the In the Key of She online resource bank and female producer directory.

Moderator: Professor Sam Warren (In Key of She / Portsmouth University)

Laila MacKenzie (Lady of the House)

Claire Spooner-Loveday (Just Her/ Constant Circles)

Simon Hills (Axtone Records)

Hilit Kolet (DJ/ Producer, Defected)



2.30pm: Cycles through time (in association with Phase Transitions)

Exploring the cylical nature of underground sounds and their respective influence on the future of dancefloors. The return of dubstep/garage. 

Moderator: Ben (Phase Transitions)

DJ Hatcha (Tempa)

Smokey Bubblin B (DJ / Producer)

Georgina Cook (Drumz Of The South)

Sgt Pokes (DMZ Crew)


3.30pm: How the events industry has bounced back (in association with Skiddle)

As the events industry dusts itself off after a tumultuous year, the need to adapt in order to survive is more important than ever. Join Skiddle and our panel of experts in discussing how they’ve all rebuilt their events. We’ll also be hearing case studies and their personal experiences, in this panel dedicated to kickstarting the events industry.

Moderator: Angie Bhandal (B2B Marketing Executive, Skiddle)

Michael Kill (CEO, Night Time Industries Association – NTIA)

Jamie Scahill (Head of Marketing at Skiddle / Co-owner of Funkademia (Manchester’s longest running club night) / MD, Highest Point Festival)

Laila Mckenzie (Founder, Parallel Dimensions)

Matt Priest (MD, We Get Bands)

FRIDAY 24th SEPT 2021

10.30am: WaterBear, The College of Music

Invite only


11.30am: Avoid burnout, live life in balance (in association with Getahead)

In 2018, Getahead launched a 24 hour mental health and wellbeing festival in London dedicated to burnout prevention, and set out on a mission to positively impact a billion people in the next 25 years.

For years, many people suffering from burnout were misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and not given the support they needed due a lack of understanding and education around the condition and its “why.” We have seen a positive shift in attitudes and management relating to burnout since May 2019 when the World Health Organisation recognised it as a medical condition.

The term “burnout” is defined as a state of mental and physical exhaustion that can completely rid any joy or passion from your life, whether this is your career, friendships, love life, or family relationships.

Today, our panel of experts are here to offer advice, guidance and tips to recognise and most importantly avoid burnout and how to achieve some balance in your life- they each have their own relationships with burnout, either personally, professionally, or both, so will share these with you today. 

Moderator: Christine Brown (Comms, Engagement and well-being Lead, Healthcare)

Andre Berry (Transcendental Meditation Teacher)

Liam Norval (CEO of Posh Cockney / Co-Founder of the Hospitality Titans / Co-Owner of Temakinho London)

Laila McKenzie (Owner:Parallel Dimensions/Into Darkness / Director, FR808DOM Ltd / Author of Lady Of The House

Silvana Kill (Director of Operations, NTIA)

Keri Perkins (Comms consultant / Yogi / Founder, We Are Boogie Sound)


12.30pm: 30 years of Nervous (in association with Nervous Records)

Carl Loben speaks to Nervous label boss Mike Weiss and GM Andrew Salsano, as well as special artist guests X and Y. We trace the history of Nervous Records, rising from the streets of NYC to dominating charts worldwide.

Moderator: Carl Loben (DJ Mag)

Michael Weiss (Nervous)

Andrew Salsano (Nervous)


1.30pm: Beatport Annual Report

In this presentation, Beatport representative and Label Manager based in London, Marina Palacios, will touch upon some topics that have kept us busy in the last year.

She will be going over our Brand Identity redesign and its significance within our company; introducing our newly created iOS Beatport App as well as our recently launched Chrome Dj Web App;

She will continue with our yearly Beatport Health Check, and giving a recap of how the company is doing; An overview of what are the best performing genres as well as the newly created ones;

She will be talking about our HYPE program and how we plan on evolving it; An overview of a very important project in the last 12 months regarding irrelevant content on Beatport; An glimpse of our media services and what we have been doing in terms of live streams and partnerships; and finally open a conversation about Publishing and our partnership with Sentric.

Presenter: Marina Palacios (Beatport representative & Label Manager) 


2.30pm: The Future of Ibiza

Host: Neil Evans (Amnesia)


3.30pm: Generating revenue in a digital-only setup (in association with AIM)

With the pandemic, whole of industry went digital. Dance community rely heavily on live events, but over night everyone had to adapt to new circumstances and find ways to maintain their revenue in a digital only set-up.

How to promote your artists in a digital era and maintain your brand as a label?

How to increase your streaming revenue and get ahead of the curve?

Tips and tricks for growing your business digitally. 

Moderator: Sara Al Hamad (Paralegal & Business Affairs Manager, AIM)

Gemma Hart (Digital Manager, Hospital Records / AIM Digital CMT member / Co-founder, Women in D’n’B)

Charlotte Spillerova (Label Manager, Drumcode Records)

Ben Wynter (Entrepreneur & Outreach Manager, AIM UK)

4.30pm: How important is Nightlife Culture? (In Association with the Night Time Industries Association)

The Night Time Economy is one of the key economic drivers for recovery following the pandemic, and many believe it will be the saviour of the high street.

Today we will be discussing the current challenges around the NTE, reflecting on the pandemic, but more importantly how we are going to rebuild the industry in the future.

We have an amazing panel of key nightlife representatives from London, Bristol and Manchester who have been embroiled in the battle to save nightlife.

Moderator: Michael Kill (CEO, NTIA)

Amy Lamé (London Night Czar)

Carly Heath (Night Time Economy Adviser for Bristol)

Sacha Lord (Co founder, The Warehouse Project / Night Time Economy Adviser, Greater Manchester) 










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