(Access to all BMC pass holders)

All panels are 45 minutes long to allow the theatres to be cleaned between each discussion


11.00am: Playlists

Ever wondered how to get your music featured on Spotify and Apple Music playlists? Or the even the big YouTube channels where songs get millions of plays within weeks of being uploaded. Playlists are a tool that can take artists to the next level. Our panel will help unravel the mystery behind how to get your music featured on these playlists so you can reach a wider audience.

Moderator: Nolan (DJ, Producer)

Rich Parkinson (subsoul)

John Gold (Hypeddit)

Charlotte Spillerova (Believe)

Sam Dickson (Believe)

12.00pm: Loopcloud – the future of Sampling and Sample Management

Loopcloud – The Future of Sampling? – Demo and Introduction to the Loopcloud platform

1.00pm: A&R Q&A – Get Your Music Signed

Getting your music signed can be one of the most frustrating (and rewarding) parts of the industry. We bring together some of the best A&R managers to give you guidance on how to get your music signed.

Moderator: Sara Al Hamad (AIM)

Yousef (Circus)

DJ RAE (DJ / Producer)

Robert Luis (Tru Thoughts)

2.00pm: Skiddle & presents Striking A Balance in 2020

With so much talk about 50/50 line ups and intersectionality in the media and within the music industry, what are the key issues and solutions to increasing balance in electronic music events and festivals? This panel will discuss the problems faced by promoters, how the industry can make positive changes in the future, being more inclusive to BAME, LGBTQIA+ communities and highlighting events which are leading the way with examples to learn from.

Moderator: Georgia Roberts (Skiddle)

Charlotte Ambrose 

Steven Braines (He She They)

DJ Kitty

3.00pm: Label Q&A with Ultra Records, Skint, Hospital Records & Seven Dials

Running a record label has changed a lot over the years with the constantly evolving technology, the growth of streaming platforms and the ever changing digital landscape. What does this mean for running a successful label today? This panel talks to key players at leading labels to discuss the challenges, opportunities and best practices for labels.

Moderator: Nikki McNeill (Global PR)

Tracey Fox (Ultra)

Matt King (Skint)

Chris Goss (Hospital Records)

Seb Zito (Seven Dials)



4.00pm: Plague Raves: Social Responsibilty in Dance Music

Plague Raves: Has ‘Business Techno’ gone too far?

Moderator: Harold Heath (Journalist)

Steve Nickolls (UTA, Agent)

Mitch Davis (TWTMEGP)

DJ Paulette

5:00pm: Data Transmission presents How to Make Money In Todays Climate

Throughout the last 35 + years, the impact of technology on the dance music scene cannot be overstated! From the iconic boxes 303, 808, 909, and various synths and samplers, to the arrival of the DAW and now the latest groundbreaking visual mixing apps has given us the tools to expand our creativity in ways unimagined a few decades ago. Our experienced panel have been involved in the scene since its inception, and bring to bear their vast collective knowledge and experience to the conversation.

Moderator: Grahame Farmer (MD, Data Transmission)

Mark Radford (Audio Rehab)

Anna Russell (AR Artist Management)

Jennifer Cochraine (Getahead)

FRIDAY 2nd OCT 2020

11.00am: Cavendish Music Sync Surgery

Ever wanted to hear your music on an advert or TV show, or even in a film, and then reap the financial rewards? Want to know whats holding your tracks back from being picked up by supervisors or music libraries? Join us at the Cavendish Sync Surgery at Brighton Music Conference.

Moderator: Tammy Tinawi (Senior Music Consultant & Producer)

Taz Mattar (Head Of Production & Studio Services)

Arun Sethi (Senior Producer)

12.00pm: Cavendish Music Sync Surgery

Q&A sync panel with award winning producers, Steve Mac and Choppersaurus

Moderator: Tammy Tinawi (Senior Music Consultant & Producer)

Nick Evans (Choppersaurus)

Jake Shillingford (Choppersaurus)

Steve Mac (These Machines)

1.00pm: Loopmasters workshop – Loopcloud – The Future of Sampling?

Demo and Introduction to the Loopcloud platform



2.00pm: Point Blank Music School presents A Deconstruction Masterclass In Ableton Live

Ski Oakenfull (Point Blank Music School, Head of Education & Development, UK)

3.00pm: DJ / Producer Q&A

We go deep into the realms of music production with some of today’s best producers. With releases on Toolroom, Defected, Superfreq, Get Physical and Hot Creations our panelists have great knowledge of how to make music for clubs and festivals around the world. We will find out what their secrets are behind getting signed to such exciting labels and get some great studio tips and tricks.

Moderator: Martha Cleary (Tru Thoughts)

Josh Butler (DJ / Producer)

Krafty Kuts (DJ / Producer)

Just Her (DJ / Producer)

4.00pm: Publishing & Different Revenue Streams

What exactly is publishing and how can the music you release earn you money this way? Record sales, streams and live events aren’t the only way to make money in the music industry (especially these days!) So we explore other avenues such as Sync, Neighbouring Rights & Publishing with a panel of industry experts from Hospital Records, Lime Blue Music, Blokur and Sentric Music.

Moderator: Silvia Montello (Blokur)

Chris Goss (Hospital Records)

Christopher Davies-Smith (Lime Blue)

Patrick Cloherty (Sentric Music)

5.00pm: Education & Bass presents Studio Tips & Tricks

Education & Bass are renowned for sharing music production, tips, tricks, secrets and motivation around the world at schools, colleges, universities, education institutes, clubs and on their leading online music production education platform A collective with over 200 years of industry experience who are still very active as music producers, international DJs, record label owners, promoters and more. The E&B panel at BMC will consist of founding members and very special guests from Hospital Records to discuss music production and song writing tips, tricks and secrets that many would never share.


Moderator: Nomine aka Outrage

Voltage (Hospital)

DJ Rap

Nurve (E&B)

Jay Hill (Superfreq / Hot Creations)










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