The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) represents the interests of all that work in UK nightlife.

We champion the benefits that come about from the clubs, bars, events and entire sector that includes Artists, Djs, labels, managers, festivals as well as food and other entertainment operators.

In just over two years, we have campaigned successfully in a number of areas:

  • Lobbying for a Night Czar and Night Time Commission with City Hall and The Mayor of London and having a voice on the Commission and Music Board
  • Challenging policy that would mean a curfew being imposed in Hackney on nightlife
  • Promoting dialogue with councils and developers to avoid conflicts and enhance mutual interest
  • Ran media and PR to spotlight the harmful approaches to night time operators and provide a different perspective to win hearts and minds
  • Worked with Fabric to help create a path to open
  • Got involved with planning and licensing issues working to promote dialogue with councils and business – in various parts of the UK, most recently The Baltic Triangle in Liverpool
  • Campaigning to have a Night Czar in Manchester working Sacha (WHP/Parklife) with prospective candidates to ensure Manchester’s cultural provenance
  • Providing enormous benefits to members from industry services to discounted trouble shooting and legal solutions and representation

Our campaign Save Nightlife invites the British public to have their say with local councillors and MP’s, which has an enormous impact on outcomes:

Please see and sign too and encourage all at your work place to do so: and #SaveNightlife

We are very pleased to be hosting an Industry Panel at BMC : “Save Nightlife” along with Mixmag, 3pm Thurs 27 April

We would love to hear from you and to be involved – please contact in first instance to say hi at Brighton Music Conference.

We want you to join us – so that we have an even louder voice and help effect further change in the UK to safeguard all of our collective future.

Together we have a voice and can make a significant difference.

Join us – 

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