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11am: You’ve Made Your Music.. Now What?!

It’s a valid question for all producers at any level.. In an ever evolving music industry it’s hard to know what the best direction is to get your music out there.
So we are going to discuss the various options open to you from setting up your own label, to signing to a traditional record label or going down the Sync route and getting your music heard on TV, Film & Television

Moderator: Timo Garcia aka Nolan (DJ / Producer)

Kevin McKay (Glasgow Underground)

Robin Tabor aka Rob Made (Champion Records / Sleazy Deep Records)

Tammy Tinawi (Cavendish Music)

DJ Rae (DJ / Producer / Singer)

12pm: Scan Audio presents “Great mixdowns in a hotel room (or untreated studio)”

This panel will cover mix techniques, acoustics, speakers, room correction, headphones, amps, DAC’s & monitoring and comparison plugins

Moderator: Tom Autobot (ScanProAudio Studio Tech expert / Breakbeat and Drum & Bass producer)

Teebee (RAM Records)

Klaus Heavyweight Hill ((Ministry of Sound, Defected, Spinnin’) via Skype from Australia


1pm: Bedroom to Brand – Creating your identity as a DJ

How to define your artist persona and brand

Moderator: Carly Wilford (DJ / Presenter)

IMOGEN (DJ / Producer)

Emma Chambers (So Dark Its Light) / Conf (PR)

More TBA

2pm: Plugin Boutique Presents Vocal Processing with iZotope’s Nectar 3

Since the 2016 release of Track Assistant in Neutron, iZotope has been developing assistive audio technology designed to remove the guesswork from audio production and make it more efficient. One of our major goals as a company is to find solutions to eliminate time-consuming audio production tasks for our users so they can focus on their creative visions. With each new product release, iZotope expands on the range of products that feature this innovative technology and cement their places as the leaders in the field of intelligent DSP and machine learning based audio processing.

Rich Morson – iZotope Sales and Product Specialist


3pm: Beatport Q&A

Your chance to ask Beatport!

Heiko Hoffman (Director, Label & Artist Relations, Beatport)

Terry Weerasinghe (CPO, Beatport)


4pm: Developing Your Music Career and Understanding Royalty Streams (in association with PRS for Music)

Starting to think seriously about making music a full-time career? Learn about who can help you on that journey and where the revenues come from, courtesy of an experienced panel leaning on their skills in artist management, record labels, music publishing, accountancy and more.

Moderator: Ashley Howard (Dance Account Manager, PRS for Music)

Ewan McNeil (Skeet Kaye)

Sarah Mhamdi (Grade Management)

Dave Golder (CR2 Records)

LYZZA (DJ/Producer / Vocalist)


5pm: Copyright & Sampling In Dance Music

Best practises, sharing of experiences. Help & advice for delegates

Moderator: Ridney (Producer – Armada, Toolroom, Defected, Spinnin, MoS)

Richard Earnshaw (Soulfuric, Duffnote, one half of Spiritchaser)

Saranne Reid (Sample Clearance)

Sarah Favouritzm (Artist / Producer / Owner of Favouritzm)

Kevin McKay (Glasgow Underground)


11am: Brighton Sound Social presents RELATIONSHIP HEAVEN – Better streamlined event promotions

How is the relationship between the various groups involved in putting together our large-scale music events such as Pride, Fringe, Great Escape, BMC, Paddle Round The Pier (to name a few) and the council helping to boost our local artists, venues and the wider music economy – and are there areas where improvements could be made which would impact more positively?

Moderator: Ant Nichols / Roxy Roberts – (Brighton Sound Social / Decadance)

Neil Ellis (Patterns Music Venue)

Sam Hatter (Audio Active)

Ian Baird (Whiskey Bravo Productions Ltd)

Rob (Paddle Round The Pier)


12pm: AudioActive presents Artist Development in the Age of Streaming

We are discussing the music industry’s responsibility to develop young artists in an era where perceived success on streaming platforms is already visible from the first meeting with a label. If labels won’t develop artists, who will? What are the wellbeing implications for young artists dealing with the visible metrics of success from day one of their careers? How can we responsibly encourage young people to have a career in the music industry in the current climate?

Moderator: Max Wheeler (One half of Anushka, Music Leader for AudioActive inc. MD for Electric Youth Ensemble, Consultant behind Charanga’s award winning VIP Studio package)

Jack Stevens (SpectraSoul & AudioActive Alumni)

Aine Gradisher a.k.a Mei (18)  (currently one of 2 emerging artists on AudioActive artist development programme, Emerge)

1pm: Label Q&A – 15 Years of Shogun

Kier Tyler (Managing Director)


Amy Jayne (Head of Marketing)


2pm: Pioneer DJ / Dave Smith Toraiz SP-16 and AS1

In this session our demonstrator Sam Shepherd will be showing how the Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 can be used to construct a track on the fly incorporating the units sequencer and sampler capabilities with no need for a computer. He will cover all aspects of the Toraiz SP-16’s capabilities from browsing its internal sample library to applying sound effects including the legendary synth legend Dave Smiths filters. Sam will also cover the Pioneer DJ AS1 monosynth, also produced in conjunction with Dave Smith, and how you can create some twisted squelchy basslines and patterns. To end the session Sam will show how these 2 powerful products can work together to deliver an amazing performance.


3pm: Pioneer DJ DJS-1000

Sami Qureshi is here to demonstrate how Pioneer DJ’s new DJS-1000 live sampler can bring real-time track production to the DJ booth. He will show how you can sync the DJS-1000’s sequencer and performance pads to the rekordbox content being played through the CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 as well as sampling the music being played in the CDJ’s and DJM for on the fly re-edits. He will also show how the form factor of the DJS-1000 is familiar territory for DJ’s sharing the same layout as the CDJ-2000NXS2 but with pads instead of jogwheel, giving them the confidence to step into the world of music production and performance.


4pm: Journeys By DJs’ – In Conversation With Shadow Child hosted by Sacha Wall, co-founder of Data Transmission Radio

Every DJ has a story of their journey to tell…

In this session Sacha Wall, Controller and Co-founder of Data Transmission Radio delves deep into conversation with one of the biggest DJ names of today, the awesome Shadow Child – They’ll be chatting about where his love affair with the music began, the high points, the struggles, and how his journey has led him to become the artist we know and love today.

5pm: The 2nd Summer of Love – How Dance Music Took Over The World. 

Paul Oakenfold in conversation with Alon Shulman plus Q&A

In association with BIMM Institute

A look at the past, present and future of dance music. Global superstar DJ, producer and artist Paul Oakenfold will be in conversation with Universe™ MD Alon Shulman, whose new book, ‘The Second Summer of Love’, is the definitive look at the birth and rise of dance music. They’ll be looking at how a bunch of lads on holiday in Ibiza ignited a global scene that rocked the establishment before emerging victorious, spawning a multibillion-dollar industry while continuing to inspire, change and shape every aspect of modern culture.










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